An Orientation on Canine Heartworm

By: SA Perillo

Canine heartworm is a very serious and dreaded condition that occurs in most countries especially in the United States, which is generally a very canine friendly zone. Moreover, this heartworm infection has been discovered to affect most domesticated pets, and more often than not these affected pets are dogs. While this is most certainly something to cause some fear and worry for your beloved dogs, have any of you ever wondered where this sickness came from or how this was spread? As a brief background for those of us who are uninitiated on matters pertaining to the canine disease that is heartworm, this condition mostly originated from southern areas and climates and soon after found its way to different areas of the world. Veterinarians and other such scientists that are involved in the study and research of heartworm were perplexed as to how this could have happened, which made them continuously hell bent on being able to eradicate this canine disease.

Heartworm affects quite a number of species that belong to the family of dogs and canines, namely foxes, coyotes, and wolves. You would think that with the ever growing number of infected and affected animals, scientist and researchers would have an easier time finding an absolute cure by being able to test on more subjects. However perhaps due to some sensitive issues involving animal testing, rapid advancements to finding such a cure if it exists was being hampered. Hence, the disease continues to spread. Based on some of the literature available in different print media and even online, heartworm is said to be contracted mostly through larval infections which take place due to mosquito or insect bites and if left untreated, can become very dangerous and fatal for your pets. What is worse is that there would really be no known symptom and it is not as if your pets can inform you of how badly they are feeling. So as they say, prevention would always be better than cure. If you are worried and afraid for your pet, then it is highly suggested that you take them to your trusted veterinarian for a consultation. Perhaps that is the best first step advice that we can give for you to have an idea as to what exactly is you dealing with. In the unfortunate event that your dog has the dreaded condition, do not panic as everything is not yet too late. The vet would be the best person to prescribe which preventive medicines or treatments would be most suitable for the specific case.

Now in that case, upon prescription of the heartworm medicines, you can maybe ask for generic alternatives. Because these branded variants would only cost you more but not provide any greater level of guarantee as regards quality. So remember that you are very much welcome to cut costs for as long as you do not sacrifice quality just for economy. Hence, rest easy knows that there are a lot of ways that can help you take care of man’s best friend.

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