An Important Element To Brand Building Is Logos

By: Helene Abbott

Name That Logo One of the most well known logos is the golden arches of McDonalds. You must make your logo be a key part of your marketing from the beginning. In one example of this a mother mentioned that her son had begun recognizing a vehicle brand based on the logo on the front of trucks that he would see driving down the road. Some people like to show their support of a brand name by wearing the company's logo on their clothing or by purchasing furniture or other home accessories that feature the logo.

Savvy marketers know that a company logo is more than just another pretty picture. Brand recognition is key and many small companies should try and establish their brand in their local area when they begin operation. The brand can be included on everything from business cards, to coupons, to a website, an ad in the telephone book, or even on a sign on your truck.

Even as utilizing a logo is easy enough, designing one is a whole other ballpark. When you create your own logo, there are some common errors that people make. The biggest mistake is using standard clip art to design the logo. The majority of people have reached the stage in which we recognize some common clip art designs. For instance, I came across a company that uses a string bean man found at a popular clip-art source. You do not want to create a bad impression by causing a critic seeing your logo to think that is is cheesy to be using that clip art.

Don't use a text-only logo. Text only logos also generally lack the visual appeal that makes a logo stay in the minds of a prospective customer. You don't want them to have to remember too much. Although a handful of companies have managed to associate themselves with a text logo, it can be tricky to do it correctly.

It is wise to stay away from a logo design that is extremely ornate or complicated. For instance, special effects and photos can bring too much emphasis to your logo. Your logo should be recognizable in black and white as well as color. Actually, a black and white logo is usually the best choice, especially for the yellow pages and the newspapers. Plus, when the logo is faxed or copied, it will likely be done without color. The logo should still be identifiable when coming through the other end of the fax machine.

Because making a logo can be difficult, you may want to consider hiring a professional to help you design a logo that would well suit your company. A logo developer is key to make the most and quickest impact, such as the sweepstakes game that was created a few years back, including a graphic designer as part of the crew. The logo that they created is still just as applicable to the company and sweepstakes as ever, as well as being memorable. Your logo should be equally attractive no matter what color it is printed in.

The team was very fortunate to have included a graphic designer as part of the organization. You should consider yourself as wise if a close acquaintance is a graphic designer. Otherwise, you will probably have to start shopping for someone who can design the logo you want. It should be very easy to find a designer. Type the word "logo" into the Google search engine - or any search engine - and graphic design agencies come up by the thousands.

One of the website columnists recommends you don't immediately choose one of the first few companies that will automatically pop up on the search list. Research four or five companies, finding out their expertise and price range. Take a look at the refund policies, revisions, customer service, technical support and the file formats to contrast between all of the companies.

You will also find some marketing consultants and graphic designers in your area, and I always advocate the idea of utilizing your local talent whenever it's possible. Regardless of who you pick to design your logo, you should remember that it constitutes a financial investment in your company. If you choose a logo that doesn't well represent your company, your customers may wonder how effective your business is. When done well, a logo will be long remembered and the company that is identified by it will be remembered, too.

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