An Attraction Marketing System is Necessary to Generate Free MLM Leads

By: Frank Russman

If youíve been in an MLM or network marketing business for any length of time, you have probably spent some time perfecting ways to generate leads for your business. And, more than likely, youíve been looking for ways to generate leads at a low cost, or even free.

Generating free MLM leads is not easy. Especially, in the beginning; itís a lot of hard work. Having a marketing system, specifically an attraction marketing system, in place will provide a management system that allows you to track your marketing efforts and the results. Knowing where your results are coming from will save you a lot of time in the long run. You will be able to track which of your marketing strategies are working better than another. Therefore, you spend less time doing things that donít work and more time concentrating on the strategies that do work.

In MLM, we build relationships with people. So, if you use video marketing, social media marketing, or even article marketing; having an attraction marketing system will provide you with an auto-pilot way to use these strategies. A good system teaches you how to brand yourself, with your own web pages that include videos introducing yourself, welcoming your prospects and explaining your attraction marketing system. With all the time you spend putting your marketing strategy into effect, it just makes sense to invest in an attraction marketing system to track these efforts, donít you agree?

If you are marketing through article writing/ submitting, an attraction marketing system is perfect for tracking and generating free leads. If you market on the social sites, itís definitely a plus to have an attraction marketing system working for you. Generating free leads is a great way to get started marketing your MLM business.

In the MLM business, we are taught to duplicate our upline and create new distributors that duplicate what we do, and so on. As we learn and begin to generate free leads, we need an attraction marketing system that also educates our leads through a funnel of training videos, courses and live training from top producers Ė experts at generating tons of free leads.

Now, you probably think that a top-rated attraction marketing system would have to be one that is created by MLM distributors, who are top earners in the industry as well. Youíre right. Itís called, ďbeen there, done thatĒ. An attraction marketing system created by MLM distributors, for MLM distributors makes it easier on you. While itís working for you on auto-pilot, you can spend more creative time generating free leads.

If youíre just getting started in MLM lead generation, then as an online attraction marketing coach, I highly recommend connecting into an attraction marketing system. My system allows me to generate 25-50+ leads daily on auto pilot. Putting a system into place will free up time and allow you to put your efforts into your marketing strategies. It also allows you to track and refine your marketing efforts. So, go out and generate free MLM leads, turn your prospects into team members, and duplicate yourself. You need an attraction marketing system to achieve that success rapidly. . . period.

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