An Alternate Connecticut Electric Company Provides Renewable Energy Solutions

By: Jordan Adam

Many businesses and hospitals are seeing the advantage to changing to a “green” Connecticut electric company that generates power through renewable resources. These energy consumers are taking advantage of the deregulation process that broke the electricity monopoly, which kept the prices of power regulated for decades.

Many households and businesses are seeking for ways to help the planet. They see the advantage of “green energy” where an alternate Connecticut electric company offers eco-friendly solutions for the energy consumer. Even compared to the local utility provider, many of these Connecticut electric companies can offer lower rates when generating power using green solutions.

Many households are extremely eager to switch to a new Connecticut electric company, which produces electricity using renewable resources. This eliminates the need to install solar panels, wind fans, or other components on the rooftop of their homes. In addition, many of these companies offer incentives through lower pricing, to encourage companies, homeowners, municipalities and other facilities to support the use of renewable energy and help save the planet.

It Is Simple to Switch

With a large variety of Connecticut energy companies that are offering alternative solutions in energy, many households and businesses are making the switch. Through comparison shopping, they can determine exactly which Connecticut energy company provides the best rates, or eco-friendly solutions, to meet the consumer’s specific needs.

Switching from one provider to another is not complicated. It simply requires filling in an application, making a deposit, and being accepted by the new supplier. The entire process takes upwards to 10 business days, and requires no interruption in electrical service to the home or business. New customers can see immediate savings from substantially lower utility rates offered by an alternate Connecticut energy company within the first month.

Energy consumers that elect to switch to an alternate Connecticut electric company can save substantially on their monthly utility bills, or save the planet. Because of deregulation, consumers are no longer stuck with having to purchase electricity provided by the local utility company at regulated prices. Switching is a simple process, where the energy consumer can see the lower prices on their next utility bill.

However, the Connecticut Electric market has more to offer for its consumers than the green power. They allow the customers to go for shopping looking for different type of energy source and also for the type of energy plan catering to their own specific energy needs and that can meet their pockets as well.

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