Amethyst: The Appealing Purple Stone

By: sandy rich

Most of you must be familiar with the appealing and princess gemstone. Amethyst jewelry, a stunning, eye catching, pretty purple gem, is considered as the most precious variety of quartz. Its shade varies from pastel lavender to a bright deep violet; its incomparable color and fragile crystal form formulate it enormously all the rage with buyers in together cut and crystal appearance.

As compare to other gemstone, amethyst fine jewelry is quietly cut-price as a consequence of its prevalent accessibility and several large-scale deposits. However, the amethyst, which upholds the quality of its lucidity and clearness is most valuable and loved one, otherwise the stone that has no visible color zoning, enclosure and banding that causes problems are low-priced instance of the gem.

You would surprise to know that citrine is a yellow-to-orange hue gemstone and is rare but frequently produced by heating amethyst. Don’t you think yellow or orange stone will look great and moreover in such a quite reasonable price?

If we talk about tradition, then the purple color is deemed as the shade of royalty, and amethyst jewelry has been utilized from the ancient era to embellish wealthy and controlling crowned heads and monarchs. In the middle period amethyst was highly important in the adornment or decoration of Catholic Churches as it seems that amethyst heartens and imparts confident and symbolizes goodness and godliness. It was witnessed as the gemstone of bishops and till date they put on amethyst rings.

In Tibet, amethyst is supposed as a blessed of Buddha and rosaries are frequently shaped from it. Much folklore also whispered that amethyst stone is a tough solution against drunkenness, due to this reason many individuals wear amethyst jewelry and that is why wine glasses were repeatedly engraved from it.

Verity is that the Greek word “amethystos” signifies to “not drunken”. It has been in exercise for thousands of year in enchantment, remedial and supernatural empowerment. It is viewed and valued as a divine stone since its purple tint is akin to the crown chakra. It is assumed that wearing an amethyst jewelry will certainly help in diminishing the stress and help in calming the emotion. It will transfer the remedial power of the creation and boost supernatural alertness. The truth is, their quality seems to be endless.

Amethyst makes a great ornament, especially with silver jewelry white gold bracelet. In Sioux you may find a wealthy array of beautiful amethyst jewelry. It is easily affordable and imparts an adorable look to whosoever wears it. The beauty of amethyst lies in its diverse purple color which makes it a unique and perfect choice for assorted jewelry.

Fact Sheet

• Solidity: 7 on Mohs scale
• Diversity: silicon dioxide, quartz
• Originate: in Africa, America, Australia, Brazil, Bolivia and Uruguay


• February Birthstone
• Contemporary birthstone: Amethyst
• Spiritual Birthstone: Amethyst


• Pisces (Feb 19 to Mar 20)
It is a best gifting item for those who have Pisces as their zodiac sign.

So if you are ready to make someone smile today by gifting this precious stone, then start your hunt with And I believe, you will not wander any other place after looking the designer collection fine jewelry here. Happy Shopping…

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