Amazing Ice Creams Which Will Blow Your Mind

By: Jorge Martin1

One of the best desserts that can actually make people mad over is ice cream. It is something which is a heart of everyone. There mustn't any person who would deny liking it. It's something which is a best friend for kids. A psychological study says that it is a source to get rid of depression. Many of the females often have this amazing desert when they are in highly depressed mode. Also during pregnancy most of the women have cravings for it. Thus this article provides with the most amazing ice creams for easy preparation.

1. Cherry-Bourbon Ice-Cream


i. One and half cups of halved pitted cherries.

ii. Two tablespoons of sugar.

iii. One tablespoon of bourbon


Cook one and half cups halved pitted cherries, 1 tablespoon water, and 2 tablespoons sugar in a small saucepan over medium heat, stirring occasionally for 8 to 10 minutes. Remove from heat and add 1 tablespoon of bourbon. Allow it to cool down. Add custard and fold in cherry mixture just before transferring it to freezer. Thus it is one of the amazing ice creams which will blow mind with its extraordinary flavors.

2. Dark-Chocolate-Dipped Cherry Cones


I. Three scoops premium cherry icecream

II. 8 sugar cones

III. 1 package bittersweet chocolate chips

IV. One-fourth cup vegetable oil

V. 2 spoons of high-quality white chocolate in a chopped form

VI. One and half cups coarsely chopped toasted almonds


Spoon some icecream into 1 cone. Dip large round ice-cream scoop into bowl of hot water. Scoop large mounded ball of ice-cream onto cone, pressing gently. Stand cone in small glass; place in freezer. Allow it to Freeze for 2 to 8 hours.

Place bittersweet oil and chocolate in small glass bowl. Melt the chocolate in microwave by keeping it at medium- high level. Let it stand until cool, for about 10 minutes. Place white chocolate in another small glass bowl; melt it in microwave on medium-high.

Place nuts on plate. Then tilt bowl of bittersweet chocolate to form deep pool, dip ice-cream end of cone into chocolate, turning to coat. Gently shake cone, allowing excess chocolate to drip back into bowl. Immediately roll bottom half of chocolate-dipped scoop in nuts. Dip fork into white chocolate; drizzle lines over top of cone. Place cone in glass; return to freezer.

Peanut Butter Ice Cream with a Hard Chocolate Shell


I. One-fourth cup chunky peanut butter

II. 8 ounces frozen fat-free whipped topping, thawed

III. 2 ounces dark chocolate (70 percent cacao), chopped

IV. 2 teaspoons vegetable oil

V. 2 tablespoons salted peanuts, chopped


In a microwave-safe bowl, melt peanut butter to about 30 to 45 seconds. Take a bowl; apply peanut butter to its boundary. Cover and freeze it until solid, for about 4 to 6 hours. In another microwave-safe bowl, melt chocolate and oil, stirring every 30 seconds, until chocolate is melted and smooth, 1 to 2 minutes. Let it cool to a room temperature. Divide frozen peanut butter mixture among 4 bowls. Divide chocolate sauce and peanuts among bowls; let sauce harden before serving. This is how you can make amazing ice creams out of just peanut butter.

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