Aluminum Locking Briefcases Have Both Style And Substance

By: Shannon Hilson

You can't help but have noticed those cool looking aluminum locking briefcases that seem to "star" in so many movies and television series these days. Obviously, the human stars of the movies don't really need them, but whoever the prop people are in the movies know that in order to make an actor look the part he plays, he needs the right props to make his on screen image perfect.

No action hero with any kind of class is going to just toss his high tech electronic gizmos into just any old carrying case. He may be able to dodge bullets and withstand car crashes that would kill anyone else, but his laptop can't. He needs to keep it in the safest container he can and that's an aluminum locking briefcase.

The movies aren't the same as real life, though. Are aluminum locking briefcases as tough as they look. Well, they may not be come out unscathed after being hit by a nuclear missile, but for any realistic application, they offer far more protection than other types of cases. Aluminum carrying cases are always superior to soft cases when it comes to protecting electronic devices.

Sometimes in the movies you see the stars taking extreme measures and securing their aluminum locking briefcases to their wrist with handcuffs. In the real world, that would probably be overdoing it, but you do appreciate having those tamper proof locks. Whether you choose one that has dual combination locks or keyed locks, it's comforting to know that when you step out of the office or leave your laptop at home, no one can open up your aluminum briefcase and see what's inside. You may not be entrusted with Top Secret military files, but there are personal Top Secrets in there that you don't want to share with just anyone.

Aluminum locking briefcases are not the only briefcases that enjoy "superstar" status. Take for example the high-tech looking ABS plastic locking carrying case that is featured in "Knight Rider." Like its aluminum counterparts, this case is as stylish on the inside as it is on the outside. It has a sophisticated grey leather-look interior that also serves as protective padding for your laptop. With its five general compartments and business card and pen holders, it is not only great looking, it is functional as well.

Those aluminum locking briefcases you saw in MI3 and 13 didn't even look like aluminum. They looked like a master craftsman had made them from exotic wood. Other carrying cases you've seen in the movies and on television have had gold, silver, black, white or pink exteriors. If you want a personalized case, then buy aluminum.

You probably admired the ultra slim look of an aluminum locking briefcase you saw in the movies, but maybe don't think it would work for you. If you prefer, you can get a larger rolling briefcase, a small netbook case or something in between. With all the choices available, you can find the perfect case for your particular needs.

With an aluminum locking briefcase, you will feel and look like a movie star, too. Better yet, you will have the best case on the market for your practical needs, too. It will provide your laptop with protection and carry everything you need it for in style.

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