Alternative energy- history and recent trends

By: Harmeet Singh Chugh

Alternative energy’ is a term used to describe any resource of energy which can be utilized in consign of ‘fuels’ and the utilization of which does not results in any undesirable consequences. The alteration from conventional energy resources to ‘alternative energy’ has brought about remarkable economic changes athwart the entire globe. This has also condensed the reliance on petroleum and coal for fulfilling the needs of energy of different states of the globe.

The Historians have a belief that all through the ‘late medieval period’ coal was utilized as an ‘alternative energy’ source in consign of wood and furthermore its use was destructive for the atmosphere. During the nineteenth century, the utilization of ‘whale oil’ as fuel was leading but just due to the mounting prices and exhausting whale oil stores in the center of the nineteenth century, less pricey petroleum was pioneered as an !a href=""> Alternative Energy source. All through the early 19th century, the utilization of ‘ethanol alcohol’ as an ‘alternative energy’ resource came into view. ‘Ethanol alcohol’ could be utilized in consign of wood and coal whose coffers were depleting rapidly. During the 1980’s the value of petroleum started touching the sky and an ‘alternative energy’ source in coal gasification was found.

Nowadays, environment friendly sources of alternative energy are being utilized. The utilization of biomass over the ‘fossil fuels’ has become common these days. The Bio fuels and other sources of ‘ethanol’ are being endorsed so that they can be used as sources of alternative energy. The alternatives of ‘0 carbon’ have also been initiated. These zero carbons are squat carbon saving fuels which do not produce methane and carbon particles. The utilization of this source of ‘alternative energy’ will aid in addressing the issues of the climate change. Majority of the nations of the globe are striving to build up ‘energy independent’ sources of alternative energy so that these can diminish their reliance on the petroleum producing nations. ‘Natural gas’ is also being utilized as a source of ‘alternative energy’ in most of the countries.

The alternative energy is produced from the natural sources such as wind, tides, sunlight, rain, and the heat contained by the surface of earth. All these sources are renewable sources of energy which implies that these can be utilized without any fear of their getting exhausted. The procedure of the production of oil, coal, natural gas and other conventional resources of energy is quite a difficult procedure which necessitates extra time, a lot many complex chemical and physical processes and equipments. Alternative energy is more beneficial. Also ‘alternative energy’ can be extensively formed as divergent to petroleum or coals that are available only at few places.

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