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Avoiding Cancer Conditions With Superfoods - Insider Tips

Have you heard of superfoods? These are foods that have been shown to reduce over 50% of all cancers known to mankind. For decades, people have known this. However, this information is now only making the mainstream news, just like everything else. It's a matter of science catching up to natural methods and approaches. Despite the fact that people have been teaching this information, and implementing it, for decades, science still has to provide empirical data. Medical research is now believing that superfoods are a viable option in regard to cancer treatment and prevention, something that is great progress for the scientific community.

The effect of berries on cancer has been of scientific interest for many years. The fruits actually have a variety of antioxidants and other nutrients within them. Generally speaking, darker berries are higher in cancer-fighting nutrients and superfoods. Darker colored vegetables also have the most nutrients, therefore it makes sense that the darker colored berries also have the same type of consistency. A phenomena known as "oxidative stress" causes free radicals to abundantly appear, which can damage the cells of your body in many ways. Black raspberries have been identified as being a powerful reducer of oxidative stress. All of the berries should be looked at as a group, each with its own anti-oxidants and benefits.

An interesting quality possessed by many nuts is that they enable your body to make better use of any superfoods you're consuming. That's why it can be beneficial for the purpose of preventing cancer to eat a diet that includes nuts along with superfoods containing phytonutrients. If you don't normally eat Brazil nuts, for example, these are a highly nutritious type of nut. Not only do these nuts taste great, but they give you a healthy dose of selenium, a trace mineral that not everyone gets in sufficient quantities. Selenium is a crucial nutrient that helps regulate and maintain many bodily functions from moment to moment. In addition, this nut is an excellent source of fiber, protein, and ellagic acid which is a cancer fighter.

As was mentioned in other places, berries in general are healthy, taste good, and play a positive role in cancer prevention. You should also eat blackberries, blueberries, strawberries and cranberries whenever you can. That is not an exhaustive list but that's enough to keep you busy eating delicious snacks. In addition to containing plenty of fiber and vitamin C, they are a good source of ellagic acid. Instrumental in preventing skin cancer in some people, this antioxidant acid has shown great promise. Remember that the phytochemicals found in these foods are not minerals or vitamins. Phytochemicals are also polyphenols which from which powerful antioxidant are derived.

If you haven't paid sufficient attention to the way you eat, now is a good time to change that. Preventing cancer and other illnesses is only one reason superfoods are so interesting. These foods can also help you to lose weight and feel better. Yes, making the switch is a lifestyle change, but it's a great tasting one at that. Just start taking small steps and choose superfoods that look good to your taste buds.

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