Allergies In Dogs

By: Ras Reed A

Allergies in dogs is one of the several problems that dog owners or lovers hardly understand. They usually feel that it is a temporary problem that will soon disappear. Actually, it is not temporary and if you don't take action straight away, the problem may become worse. This piece of writing is written to help you understand this problem and what you can do to solve it. But before we go on, you need to be informed that there are different types of allergens and triggers. Hence, the solution should be tailored towards the kind pf problem your dog is experiencing. It is really critical for you to see your veterinary doctor right away if you cannot handle the problem based on what you are going to learn from this piece of writing.
One of the numerous origins of allergies in dogs is fleas. Fleas can make the life of your pets miserable. You can tell if your dog is having fleas when there is repeated scratching, chewing and shaking of the head as well as pawing at the ears. There are scores of methods to get rid of the fleas. You can bath the dog very well. If she has long hair, try and cut it short so that you will be able to see any flea on her body. Furthermore, make sure that her beddings is well washed in hot water so that all the eggs of the fleas can be got rid of.
Another thing that can bring on the problem for your dog is the kind of food you give her. Food allergies such as beef, dairy products, soy and corn to mention a few can make your dog behave abnormally. Symptoms to watch out for are skin infections, ear infections, and repeated bowel movements in a day. Once you notice these symptoms, it is advisable that you take her to your vet without delay. Let your vet prescribe another type of food that will not trigger the problem again.
On a last note, a filthy environment can also bring on the problem. So, it is really important for you to have a clean household and check that the place where your dog is sleeping is very clean. Ensure that she stays away from filthy environment.

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