All about the Pregnancy Ultrasound

By: James Pendergraft

Because pregnancy is a very delicate stage in both the woman and her babyís life, a lot of effort is in place to make sure that a woman will have a safe pregnancy and delivery. The goal of this is to make sure that both mother and child will pass through the process safe and sound. In any case, attention is specially given to minimize the risks during pregnancy, which is plenty especially if one is careless about it. One such way to make sure that pregnancy will be a fulfilling and safe experience is to undergo a regular ultrasound checkup upon the advice of the doctor.

What a Pregnancy Ultrasound Is

An ultrasound is one of the benefits that technology has given to safe pregnancy. It is essentially a cyclic sound pressure whose frequency is greater than the upper limit of human hearing. It is used in a variety of applications to penetrate a medium without the necessity of probing into it through an instrument in order to learn more about the state of the medium being studied. However, it is in pregnancy that ultrasound sees its most useful application to find out more on the state of the fetus inside the womb.

Why a Pregnancy Ultrasound Checkup Is a Must

A woman who is pregnant is advised to undergo regular ultrasound checkups in order to ascertain that the baby is in sound condition. The frequency of the ultrasound checkup depends on the doctorís demand. The higher the risks in pregnancy, the more should a woman undergo ultrasound checkup. With an ultrasound checkup, the mother and doctor will be able to see an image of what the motherís baby looks like. It will also help them determine the size of the baby and indicate if the baby is growing right, the position of the baby in the womb, and even determine the gender of the baby. Apart from these, the following are also the reasons why ultrasound checkup is a must during pregnancy:

1) To detect the level of liquid in the womb. An ultrasound can help the doctor determine if there is a need to intervene, especially when there is the possibility of the fetus developing abnormalities due to abnormal fluid levels.

2) To detect multiple pregnancies. When a woman becomes pregnant, the underlying belief for most is that there is only one child. However, there are cases of multiple pregnancies, and an ultrasound will help a mother determine if she is carrying two or even more babies.

3) To detect abnormalities in the placenta through placental localization

4) To diagnose fetal malformation. This is one of the more important usages of ultrasound. This is because the procedure can help the mother learn if the baby that she is carrying has potential abnormalities such as hydrocephalus, anencephaly, and hydrops fetalis. When an abnormality is detected, doctors may still be able to do something to remedy the situation, depending on the malformation and its severity.

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