All about Good Cigar Lighters

By: ERIK Segawa

Cigar lighters have come a long way from being the explosive and unstable lighting machine developed in the early 1800ís. Now itís a sophisticated piece of equipment that commands its own respect as a smoking accessory. It has almost at the same kind of variety as there are cigars in the market. Most popular ones now are butane lighters because of their ability to maintain cigarís flavor. Any other source especially, tin cigarette lighter, scented candles, matches lend unpleasant taste to the cigar.

Cigar typically has larger ring gauge and if being lit outside, it will either not burn or be charred if used with a thin cigarette lighter or not a wind resistant lighter. They need a thick stable flame to burn properly and this is generally achieved by using a torch flame lighter and not a soft flame lighter. When buying a cigar lighter it is important to know the specifications of the lighter namely-flame power, fuel used and life. These should be the deciding factors rather than the appearance and price only. Form of the lighter is also an important consideration. Many fancy looking lighters are actually vey inconvenient to use. If we have a lighter that takes too long to burn a cigar as in case of a single flame soft flame lighter we can be sure of burning the cigar and spoiling its taste. Also, if you have a lighter that is triple flame than the fuel will burn out too soon and will require refueling every two or three lights.

Even the best cigar lighter will not do its job properly if not used with finesse. The cigar needs to be held at a 45 degree angle to the lighter and made to burn while inhaling short bursts of smoke turning the end an even lovely cherry red. No other way will ensure you have a well lit and well burning cigar. Also an important but ignored part is about maintaining your cigar lighter. The most important part is the quality of fuel being used to refuel- itís important to use only quintuple refined butane and keep your nozzle clog free. Always protect your cigar lighters and other cigar accessories. Keep them protected from moisture, take care to use them at room temperature to ensure best performance, protect form heat, take care not introduce air into the fuel tank which can cause misfires and flameouts, and donít store full lighters- take time to empty your lighter of the furl to ensure no accidents.

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