All You Need to Know About the “Rosetta” Flash Exploit

By: Brooke M. Perry

Every tech-savvy user is probably aware of the fact that those glossy and shining websites are the result of extensive usage of the Flash player that runs in the background. Presentation of an animated content, video content, or any advanced level graphical representation is an impossible task without taking help of this amazing software. Many tech experts believe that Flash the software that can used to compromise the security of the PC, but web developers use it to make a website more interactive, presentable, and filled with animated technology.

Owing to its abundance in security loopholes, many tech experts recommend users to avoid opening non-trustworthy pages with Flash. But, whenever a user finds a website that is flashy and filled with animated content, they often forget to check the security factor of it and proceed towards accessing it frequently. Users often do not pay more attention towards the security parameter of a website and exploits paired up with Flash ruin their devices to an irreparable extent.

What is the Rosetta Exploit and what it can do?

Many of you might have knowingly or unknowingly used Flash for viewing the animated content online. Websites like YouTube, movie’s official webpage, intellectual websites, cartoon characters, and many others are operated largely on Flash. ‘Rosetta Exploit’ is a major security vulnerability in Flash’s software that allows attackers, malware authors, and hackers to gain access to cookies and additional data that the browser provides on a request.

To track the movement of this security loophole and to display how dangerous it can be, Michele Spagnuolo, the Google engineer has developed ‘Rosetta Flash’ tool. The tool can easily showcase that how malicious SWF (Flash content) files can be used by potential hackers to harm your identity and device.

What are the various tips to protect yourself from such threats?

The first and the most important tip is to keep your Adobe Flash Player updated with the latest updates released by the company.

You should also keep your browser up-to-date.

Users who have installed Chrome and Internet Explorer (IE) versions 10 and 11 will get their Flash automatically updated, once the browser will be updated.

Firefox users will need to manually update Flash and the latest version number is

What are the tips to prevent any future exploits?

Flash is used almost everywhere starting from a video portal to a jewelry website, cartoon powered tutorials, tech walk through, and many others. In this kind of environment, it is really important to take the protective measures in order to secure yourself from future threats. Considering the fact that it took many years for a technician to fix this exploit, you should actually start using a safer platform for viewing your favorite content online. It is recommended to stop using Flash entirely in order to secure your identity, online activities, and sensitive data stored on the device that is entered online.

How can you watch videos or access your flashy websites without Flash?

Videos and other animated online content was available even when the Flash and other media languages and software were not available. Therefore, you can easily view such content by making use of the hypertext markup language (HTML) to see whatever a website developer wants to present. In addition to making the content available, the HTML5, which is the latest revision of HTML allows you to create dynamic multimedia content and implement it onto web pages directly.

HTML5 lets you view videos directly without using the Flash and you also don’t need to do anything other than just stop using Flash. You can easily use this language on Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer (IE), Opera, or Safari on mainstream PCs and the same is available on Smartphone or tablet as well. You can easily make use of this advanced video streaming technology on your Smartphone or tablet, if you’re using one of the mainstream browsers on it.

If you have finally realized that Flash isn’t ideal software of viewing online and animated content, then you can easily disable the following these steps:

Firefox – Navigate to Firefox -> Addons -> Plugins -> and go to Shockwave Flash. Click on the ‘Disable’ button to disable Flash on your device and you can enable it again by repeating the same steps.
Google Chrome – Open Google Chrome, type ‘chrome:plugins’ in the address bar and find the ‘Adobe Flash Player’ from the available list. Now, click on the ‘Disable’ button and enable it again, only when necessary.
Internet Explorer (IE) – Open IE > tap or click the ‘Tools’ button, and then > tap or click ‘Manage add-ons.’ Click ‘All add-ons,’ under ‘Show’ tab and, then select ‘Flash’ to turn it off. Click on the ‘Disable’ button, and then tap or click ‘Close.’

Since, you’ve read that what severe issues and online threats a Flash player can bring to your PC, it is recommended to stop using it right now. HTML5 is a secured and transparent platform that lets you enjoy or view your animated and visual content online. It would be better to avoid using Flash, if you’re aware of the consequences and online threats associated with it.

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