All You Need to Know About Buying BMX Frames

By: Andrew Sutton A

When buying the frame for a BMX, you must first decide a number of things. This is important in making the right decision about what BMX frame to buy.

One of the most important things to know about BMX frames is that the more you pay, the stronger and lighter the frame will be. This will of course be of use if you intend to ride the BMX alot; for medium to long distance riding a light frame will be of particular importance. If, however, you only intend to ride the BMX occasionally, it is obviously a good idea to consider paying less and making a compromise on the stength and lightness of the frame. This also largely depends on your own budget.

There are three materials which are generally used to make BMX frames. The most common is an alloy of cromium and molybednum, widely known as chrome moly. Frames made from chrome moly are the lightest and strongest, hence their popularity. However, they are also the most expensive, meaning they are used mostly by experienced riders.

Younger or less experienced riders tend to instead use BMX frames made from steel. These are much cheaper than chrome moly ones, and although they are heavier and less strong, they are still suitable for newer riders.

Aluminium is also used as a material for BMX frames. This is particularly common in BMX race bikes, where the extra strength in the welds between joints is of extra use, as these areas become more stressed in races. Unless you intend to buy the BMX specifically for the purpose of racing, it would be better advised to look at buying a frame made from one of the other materials.

You will find that there is some variation between the sizes of frame available. Sizes are as follows: a 'micro mini' BMX frame is designed for someone aged 5 or under a 'mini' BMX frame is designed for someone aged 5-7, a 'junior' BMX frame is designed for someone aged 8-10, an 'expert' BMX frame is designed for someone aged 10-13, and a 'pro' BMX frame is designed for someone aged 13 and above. Variations on these sizes (XL, XXL) take into account the height and weight of the rider.

When making the decision as to what size BMX frame to buy, whilst it is worth using the size guide mentioned above, much of what size BMX frame to buy should be determined by your own preference. Choosing a size that you are comfortable with etc is the most important factor in deciding what BMX frame to buy. Also, the size of the BMX frame will have some determination over the size of tyres etc, so this is worth remembering.

By carefully considering all of these points, and by using your own judgment, it should be straightforward buying your BMX frame. Whilst it is important to take care over the decision as to what BMX frame to buy, as you will likely have to spend at least ?200, as long as you have the knowledge provided here, purchasing your BMX frame will be easy and enjoyable.

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Andrew Sutton has all the knowledge on BMX frames to provide the advice you need on buying them, as a writer who has a history of of interest in BMX bicycles.

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