All Time Popular Musical Instruments

By: Derek Lloyd

Music is a powerful tool that plays a comprehensive role in enhancing self-esteem, and overall well being of a person. It brings people together and allows us to experience the same emotions. The soothing and harmonious tune is not only a source of entertainment, but can also be a great stress reliever. Moreover, listening to your favourite music frequently can eliminate pain, decrease depression and blood pressure as well as improve the quality of your sleep. In short, it is the best healer!

However, have you wondered which instrument can produce the best melody? Well, here is a list of all time popular musical instruments that bring joy to you and everyone around you.


The origin of this instrument can be traced back to at least 1500 B.C. They were discovered in Tutankhamen's grave and in China. They are known to belong from the brass family and are often used in orchestras and big bands because of its bright and sharp sounds. Earlier, several music genres such as rock, blues, ska, pop, punk and polka used this instrument, but later between the nineteenth and twentieth century, trumpets became an inevitable part of jazz music. The design of this amazing and old equipment is like a brass tubing bent into an oblong shape. With the aid of three valves placed inside them, musicians can easily change the pitch of the sound.


The violin is one of the most popular musical instruments that belong to the larger family of strings. The origin of the equipment was in sixteenth century in Italy which then further got modified in the eighteenth and nineteenth century. The wide ranges of music genres such as classical, jazz, rock and roll, baroque music, and soft rock are incomplete without the presence of a violin. It has a special arch shape that makes it easy for a musician to control the mechanical and dynamic behaviour of the instrument. Undeniably, this outstanding musical device has certain charm in its sound that catches the attention of the listeners effortlessly.


Tabla is a membranophone that belongs to the percussion family and had been invented about three hundred years ago. It consists of two drums where the small right drum is called 'dayan' and the larger metal one is called 'bayan'. This instrument is mostly used in Hindustani classical music as well as devotional music from the Indian subcontinent. It has an interesting structure where the right one is always made up of wood and left is made up of iron, aluminium, copper, clay or steel. Moreover, it has prominent black spots in between which are a mixture of iron filings, gum and soot. They play a vital role in creating a bell-like tone.

In-case you desire to purchase these all time popular musical instruments, you are required to analyze your level of expertise. From beginner to professional, you will certainly find all levels of equipments in the market. Select the one that will compliment your skills accurately.

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