All About Self Hypnosis

By: Gerry Ronson

You may have heard about self hypnosis in conjunction with weight loss or as a way to stop smoking; however these are not the only areas that you can get help in. just about any problem or phobia that you can think of can benefit from hypnotherapy. While this article is going to give you information about self hypnosis you should be aware of the facts that you can also see a hypnotherapist. Sometimes you can have more of an impact if you see a hypnotherapist in conjunction with a self hypnosis technique.

You can find online or in some stores a wide variety of helpful CDís or if you look online places to download self hypnosis instruction on your MP3 player. Some of the many items you can find that may be helpful for your situation are the fear of flying, anger management, stress relief or even pain management. You will find that if you enter into self hypnosis with an open mind you will achieve excellent results. What type of results can you expect from self hypnosis? If you have issues with anger management, just imagine what it would be like to take back your life and to have anger under control. You can do this all from the privacy of your home when you insert a self hypnosis technique. If you arenít feeling well because you have spiralled out of control with your eating habits and gained weight and you can no longer fit in your clothes, by practicing self hypnosis you will be able to achieve a sensible weight for your frame. You will be able to save money and your health when you stop smoking with self hypnosis; you couldnít give yourself a better present. Sleep problems and addictions could be a thing of the past for you.

What is the procedure for using a self hypnosis technique? You will need to find a quiet place in your home where you wonít be disturbed by your family or roommate. Strive to use the self hypnosis every day for at least twenty one days. You will find out more about how long you should use the therapy once you have chosen a CD that you like. It is very important that you are vigilant about using self hypnosis. If you arenít consistent you wonít see the desired results. Choose a room where you feel comfortable and at peace. It could be a favourite chair, bed or even the floor. The CD will instruct you on how to breathe for maximum relaxation. This is when the pleasant voice of the hypnotherapist will come into play. If you canít relax and let go then you havenít found the right hypnotherapist for you. You may find that you donít hear the whole CD or tape; you donít need to worry about it. The information will be taking root in your sub conscious mind. It is not uncommon for the experience to relax you to the point of sleep.

There also may be a time where you will want to use a hypnotherapist outside your home. This works very well with the self hypnosis technique you may have been using at home. Sometimes you may need a little extra help from a therapist and by that I mean that they can give you more specific suggestions for your particular needs. The self hypnosis CDís that you can purchase will of course be more generic as they have to appeal to a larger group. If you find that may be what you need to compliment your self hypnosis technique then you will find that you will achieve what you set out to do, which is betterment of your life.

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