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By: Cathrine Mckay

For those who do not want to use this feature, an icon in the upper right corner of the menu toggles between notifications and quick settings. Widgets on the lock screen are not really a necessity, but they will really improve the user experience if you use them. Google has removed shortcuts camera and Google Now the lock screen. Instead, head to the right, and a + symbol appears, you can then add one of the four widgets: Calendar, Clock, e-mail or Gmail. These can be resized.

Accessibility is something that was not very watched on Smartphone, but since Microsoft has improved the accessibility options on Windows Phone 8, we became more attentions innovations in this area. With 4.2, android brings a new feature in the form of a "triple-click" to zoom. It works on any screen user interface, and allows even the smallest menus can be read comfortably.

Finally, with Daydream, Google has integrated a moving screen saver. When we examined the Nexus 10, Daydream was useful when combined with applications like tiereces Appy Geek. Now, there are a number of wallpapers that can be used when your device is charging. Daydream showcases the beautiful LG screen. The rest of Android 4.2 is identical to what we saw on ICS. Thanks to the IU Butter, the refresh is at 60 frames per second performance S4 Pro quad core processor is great and the visuals are kept ICS. Android application ecosystem has become a force, competing with the Apple App Store in phones. As Nexus 4 is a flagship Android should support better applications than any other Smartphone.

It is a Smartphone Google Nexus is finally equipped with a apparel photo than 5 megapixels. In fact, the Nexus 4 has a 8 megapixel camera and a lens with an aperture f/2.4.

In addition, Google has updated the user interface and added photo editing software.

The user interface of the main camera seems much simpler than any other camera interface with three buttons on the right side of the screen. This is an adjustment knob, a trigger and a change button taken. A simple click on the settings icon in the top right and you'll soon see that it is easier to use than it looks.

The integration of long press on Android 4.2 gives more sense. A long press will bring up the settings menu. Keeping the thumb button, a simple swipe on the icon settings allow you to make quick adjustments to the image, creating an experience that camera is easy to check that you hold the phone with one or two hands. Like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, speed shooting Nexus 4 is impressive, but the Nexus 4 manages to capture a lot more photos in focus through the lens speed and software optimizations.

Clarity is better than its predecessor, and significantly. Having more megapixels does not make any difference, but when using the focus, the details are more noticeable. The exhibition is very good, even if the camera has a slight tendency to overexpose outdoors.

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