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The name may sound new to you. But the truth is that, Biscotti has been in existence for a long time now. Italy is the origin place, while the name Biscotti is from of two combined Latin words. The first `bis is an Italian word meaning twice while `cotton means baked thus arriving at the name biscotti. This is the only traditional name used in the Italian language as singular and its plural being Biscotti. They have been referred correctly as biscotti. The product has different types depending on the one you really want to buy.

These sweet biscuits which are twice baked cakes have been made from a simple process which can easily be obtained without much strain. Even most people who have known how to prepare them in their lifetime can acquire the skills within a short period of time. Preparation of Biscotti is very simple and easy. You can always learn how to prepare them within a few hours. They are large sweet almond biscuits which are made crunchy and dry by the process of cutting the loaf of dough when it is hot and fresh from a baking oven. Biscotti are usually baked twice and allowed to stay for a long period of time without perishing. This can be achieved by their dry nature which is attained through the process of cooking.

With different types of recipe you can successfully prepare your biscotti. There are some recipe which are used to prepare them. The ingredients may include, eggs, Nuts, and of course, baking powder is added and any wet flouring is also added to make them modern. Today, the Italians use the name Biscotti to refer to cookies.

Note that, Biscotti are used mostly by Roman armies when they are embarking on long journey. They are now also the food for soldiers, fishermen and sailors. This is because biscotti stay for long period of time without getting spoilt. Most people prefer them to food. Many people use them as packed lunch while traveling for long distance. Remember its very light and not convenient to cook and carry around.

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