All About Baby Furniture Cribs

By: Shana Cornwell

You are expecting a new addition to your family, a newborn -- congratulations. Babies need so many things. You'll need to get a room prepared for the baby, and you will definitely need to buy baby furniture - most importantly the baby bed, the critical crib. And do not forget, along with the crib come accessories such as the mattress, blankets, sheets and the bumper pads.
There are many different sorts of crib available ; they come in several designs, different styles and different costs. Safety is the most significant thing when buying a crib. The U.S. Presidency has a group of standards and guidelines for crib manufacturers. However, when you're assembling the crib you might still find problems which make the crib unsafe such as loose slats or missing pieces.
As well as making sure the crib you are purchasing is safe, there are other features that are vital such as :
Adjustable mattress height. This feature will allow the oldsters to adjust the height of mattress as the baby grows. Fixing the mattress height stops the child from incidentally falling out of the crib.
Straightforwardness of release of the drop side. You are looking for ease of release and how much noise it makes. Remember you may be up at all hours of the night and sleep deprived, so ease of release on the drop side of the crib is a very important feature to bear in mind. Also you need the drop side of the crib to rise and fall noiselessly, particularly rise, because when you put your sleeping baby in the crib you do not need them to reawaken immediately.
Mattress. The mattress should fit the crib completely and snugly. Ensure there is not any room between the bed and the mattress where a baby could be caught. Finding a mattress that fits this standards is generally not troublesome because new cribs and crib mattresses come in standard sizes.
Some people prefer to employ a crib which has been in the family for generations rather than a new one. That's fine, but the crib should bear compete inspection to make certain it is safe. This crib has been in the family for generations and so far no baby has ever gotten hurt in this crib, but you need to make certain your baby isn't the first baby to be hurt in this crib either.
Since this crib has been used numerous times during the past, taken apart and stored when not needed, when it is reassembled you could find that some of the slats are loose, the crib is wobbly when you shake it, or some of the screws are missing. There could be splinters, rough edges, cracked or peeling paint. Today's crib mattresses might not fit in the right way. These are all things which make the crib unsafe for your baby, and while it's a nice sentiment to employ a crib that is a family heirloom but safety if more significant.

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