Alcohol Treatment Center

By: David Done

Why Alcohol Abuse Needs Treatment

Despite its long history, many people do not realize alcoholism is an addiction. In fact, over time, the excessive consumption of alcohol creates a dependency. This problem requires professional help. There are many alcohol treatment centers, such as ours, that have helped many with overcoming alcoholism and alcohol abuse.

When choosing the best alcohol treatment center for yourself or a loved one, it is important to find that one that will be the best fit. Renaissance Malibu Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center gives the addicted the best possible chance for recovery. With a great combination of professional, caring staff; effective treatment strategies; and the unmatched beauty of our facilities, we've been called "the most exclusive alcohol treatment center in the world." Our location on the Pacific Ocean elicits peace and tranquility, providing our residents with a "best chance" scenario.

Breaking Denial is the First Step

"I Can Stop Anytime." This phrase is often used by those who abuse, or are addicted to alcohol and drugs. If your alcohol use is causing significant problems in your life, with work, relationships, family - then there is a problem that needs to be addressed. Don't turn away from this situation - either in your own life or in a loved one's. You can rebuild your life through help at a truly effective alcohol treatment center - Renaissance Malibu.

What alcohol abuse treatment that works for one person may not be enough for another. The staff at Renaissance Malibu's alcohol abuse treatment center focuses on selecting the strategies that best fit the individual. The range of possibilities include 12-Step meetings, counseling, our inpatient alcohol treatment center, outpatient, residential, and extended care programs.

Alcohol dependency can affect anyone, at any age, from any background or family. No one is immune, including people who may seem the least likely to develop a problem. Getting help for someone with an alcohol abuse problem is critical. The consequences of alcohol or chemical dependency can be devastating-it can destroy relationships, homes, careers and lives.

The good news is that help is available from caring professionals at Renaissance Malibu alcohol treatment center.

The Renaissance Malibu Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

Our drug and alcohol treatment center is situated ideally on the beautiful Pacific coastline of Malibu, California. With beautiful garden landscaping and amazing views of the Pacific Ocean, our alcohol abuse treatment center brings our residents both peace of mind, an essential ingredient for successful alcohol and drug abuse treatment.

Our main facility for our alcohol treatment center is a 20,000 square foot home with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, set in the Malibu Hills. This palatial estate, providing a healing, restful setting for a drug and alcohol treatment center, is magnificently landscaped with trees and vegetation from all over the world.

Our staff is comprised of some of the most experienced, prestigious and qualified alcohol abuse treatment center professionals in the Industry. Our team members employ the most innovative and creative approaches to healing available anywhere.

Utilizing our pristine environment to its fullest extent, our alcohol treatment center provides our drug and alcohol treatment center clients clarity and focus, allowing them to "be in the moment." Our surroundings are luxurious helping our clients feel like they are home in a safe, comfortable and supportive environment. After going through successful treatment at our alcohol abuse treatment center, our residents are ready to rebuild their lives outside our facility.

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Alcohol addiction( when someone drinks despite serious problems. Recovery program at Renaissance Malibu Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center offers confidentiality, self-knowledge, life-long results.

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