Alcohol: The Secret Killer of Bodybuilding Diet Plans

By: Sean Nalewanyj

Every day, I get emails from bodybuilders all over the world asking me one question…

"Can I still drink alcohol if I want to build muscle and stick to my bodybuilding diet plans?"

I'm sorry to say this, but yes. Too much alcohol will almost definitely have a significant negative impact on your bodybuilding diet plans and muscle-building results.

I'm not trying to get on a soap box, but if you really want to have a killer physique, you need to know the 5 ways alcohol will crush your bodybuilding diet plans and put a stop to your muscle gains…

1) Protein synthesis is negatively affected.

Protein synthesis is the process in which amino acids are joined together to form complete proteins. When you drink a lot, you are reducing your protein synthesis capabilities by 20%, and your body needs that protein to build muscle.

2) Your estrogen levels increase with alcohol abuse and your testosterone levels decrease.

Testosterone is the main hormone needed to produce muscles. One of the limiting factors that determines how much muscle a person can gain is their level of free-flowing testosterone.

3) It will dehydrate your body.

Your kidneys have to do a lot of work and use a lot of water to break down the alcohol, resulting in dehydration. To make any progress in bodybuilding, you need to be hydrated because water plays an important role in muscle-building.

The water content in your muscles is as high as 70%.

4) Your body is drained of vitamins and minerals.

The levels of calcium, zinc, and phosphorus, not to mention vitamins A, C, and the Bs, are rapidly depleted from your body when you consume alcohol. Your body relies on vitamins and minerals to keep every part of your body functioning properly; most of these processes help with your muscle growth and maintenance.

5) You tend to store more fat.

At 7 empty calories for every gram of alcohol, you are looking at quite a bit of excess fat.

The Kreb's Cycle plays a huge part in fat burning, and alcohol disrupts it as well.

Have fun in life, but be smart; fun should never affect your health.

If want you to achieve spectacular muscle building results and master your bodybuilding diet plans, you shouldn't hesitate to moderate your alcohol consumption to achieve your goals. Drinking occasionally won't hurt your bodybuilding diet plans, but if you discover that you are partying every weekend be sure to kiss your muscle gains goodbye.

Protect yourself if you do go out and party by drinking plenty of water and nourishing your body with a protein rich meal and the right vitamins and minerals. Your bodybuilding diet plans and muscle-building program should not run your life, so don't be afraid to party now and then; I'm just saying you should focus on moderation and be aware of the risks.

If you drink only once a month you should be fine, and when you do, be ready to take the necessary steps to counteract the damage.

If you monitor what you're doing to your body, it's still totally possible to have a great body and a fun social life.

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