Alabama Craft Fairs and Festivals Are Fairly Simple

By: Rick Amorey

In a craft fair, there are quite a number of things one can sell. If you wish to make extra money with your talents and skill, you'll be able to do so, as long as you have a sound enough heart and mind to do your craft, and have a burning desire to shield you from criticisms.
But while the majority of crafts that could be sold are products of talent and years of practice, some things are easy enough to make, and require little time to master. Whether you want to make a little something extra from craft fairs, or you want to complement something else that you are already selling, then it would be interesting to check these out.
The first concept is pretty easy and it can be done in an instant. Good-looking handmade jewelry is cheap and easy to make. You can try making these jewelries with beads; get some and start making a bracelet or two by putting in beads bit-by-bit. Check the length as you go along; you don't want it too long. You can do this by wrapping it around your wrist every once in a while. When you have made this, you can stitch the end together, and there! You have a bracelet.
Sometimes, you can switch from trinkets to practicality, and go with something that people use every day. As the world gets hotter and hotter every year, people like the concept of homemade soaps more and more. Begin by getting some unscented soap, lavender oil, almond oil for moisturizing, and some food coloring. Heat them all together and mix, then take away from the flame to cool. When it hardens, the soap will be even better than before.
A similar procedure can be applied to make scented candles, which are all the rage these days as it accentuates an otherwise plain room. You will need candle wax instead of plain soap, and you will need to find the right type of scent to match, but the process is more or less just as easy.
So there you have it; even with very little talent, you can easily set up a small business while attending one of the craft shows right here in Alabama. This could be a good way to earn money in these trying times, or you may do it just to have some extra cash on hand.

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