Air Ionization Improves Driver Awareness

By: Mary Coyle

"A driver is a king on a vinyl bucket seat throne, changing direction with the turn of a wheel, changing the climate with a flick of the button, changing the music with the switch of a dial." -- Andrew H. Malcolm

Driving often gives a sense of freedom, a sense of control, but it can also bring feelings of irritation, fatigue, and illness. Those who drive often know the frustrations of long drives, traffic jams, and tainted air. But without exception, drivers must maintain a constant awareness of the road. Sleepiness, health concerns, and aggravations caused by other drivers play no part in a driver's responsibility to maintain total control.

Unfortunately, these feelings of irritation and fatigue are only enhanced by an excess of positive ions resulting from the pollution and electromagnetic fields of modernized environments. In contrast, negative ions, which are found in natural abundance around waterfalls, near beaches, and after thunderstorms, can neutralize the effects of these harmful particles, thus, promoting the alertness necessary for safe driving. Air ionizers, created specifically for vehicles, make these results possible.

Polluted air is actually a leading factor resulting in fatigue, health concerns, and irritable driving. Although many fail to consider its significance, pollution can lead to numerous ailments, including respiratory illnesses and cardiovascular concerns, especially for those who must spend excessive time in the car. Air conditioning only furthers the problem as pollutants, such as exhaust fumes, dust, pollen, smoke, and bacteria, are forced to re-circulate throughout the vehicle in an endless cycle.

One of the benefits of negative ions, as produced by air ionizers, lies in their ability to rid the air of harmful pollutants, working in vehicles just as they do in nature. Upon release, these negatively charged ions attract positively charged particulates, including allergens, fumes, and other contaminants. As these pollutants and negative ions cluster together, they become heavy and ultimately fall out of the air to surfaces where they can be vacuumed or dusted away rather than inhaled.

In addition to causing health concerns, pollution-filled environments contribute to feelings of depression, moodiness, and impatience. These emotions, which are proven to be a direct result of excessive positive ions, can be alleviated with the help of a negative ionizer. Just as negative ions in the atmosphere around a waterfall or after a lightning storm create a sense of calm, the same charged particles emitted from air ionizers can effectively counteract these feelings of moodiness in the vehicle.

Drivers often experience such feelings of impatience and moodiness while on the road yet are unaware of their source. Still, the same drivers are aware that opening a window and letting in some fresh air - or inadvertently letting out the stale air - almost always helps. Air ionizers allow drivers to breathe such fresh air consistently, even while driving in air-conditioned vehicles. Utilizing a negative ionizer has been proven to improve mood, reduce irritability, and create a much more relaxed and positive state of mind.

The benefits of negative ions in the vehicle extend even beyond improving health and lifting mood; these beneficial ions can actually promote safer driving. As a negative ionizer emits these charged particles, drivers remain refreshed with the same type of energy experienced in naturally ionized environments, such as along the beach. With the help of negative ions, feelings of sleepiness and fuzziness that often result from long drives are greatly reduced, even eliminated.

Along with allowing drivers to stay refreshed and alert, ions released from a negative ionizer offer even greater results by promoting safer driving. While studying the benefits of negative ions just after World War II, scientists discovered that these ions actually increase attention span, enhance concentration, and improve reaction time. With such outcomes, safer driving can easily be achieved, and drivers using the benefits of negative ions can remain refreshed, healthy, and in complete control.

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