Aiming for the Best Spear Guns

By: Lincoln Davis

Spearfishing is an ancient art of catching fish by using ordinary spears or tridents. In the old days, people caught their meal for the day using sharpened sticks and only needed excellent hand and eye coordination to do it. Early civilizations used to do spear fishing using barbed poles or harpoons, as we know it, eventually moving up to copper harpoons and harpoons with long chords.

Spearfishing can be done either by free diving, scuba or snorkeling but this will depend on your location as there are countries that ban the use of scuba equipment, as well as countries that ban the use of spear guns. The ancient art of spearfishing has decidedly taken a more modern turn, what with the use of sophisticated equipment like spear guns. Now, divers are not only required to have good hand and eye coordination, they are also required to have excellent vision to be able to handle these powerful equipments. Find out more about fishing spear in

A speargun is designed to fire a spear at a fish, and is composed of a spear, a stock/barrel and a handle/grip that contains a trigger mechanism used to fire the spear. They usually measure at around 1.5 to 6.5 feet long and are roughly round or rectangular in shape. While ancient spearfishing could be done in shallow waters, the advent of the spear gun has allowed spearfishing to be taken to deeper waters, with divers needing to be able to breathe under water for four minutes or with the use of underwater breathing equipment for longer periods of time. Find out about speargun on sites like the next time you want to try spearfishing.

The two most common types of spearguns are rubber-powered and air-powered, with the former being the easiest and cheapest to maintain. The rubber-powered bands are preferred by most skilled spear fishermen because it is deadly accurate and virtually silent when fired, making it easy to hit your unsuspecting target. Its power can be increased by adding more bands and are usually made of aluminum, carbon, fiber or wood.

The air-powered or pneumatic spear guns on the other hand, utilizes a thicker shaft that is difficult to bend, thus making it best to use when targeting larger fish since it offers great impact and deeper penetration. Its power is increased depending on the amount of air pumped into it and on how strong its user is. These types present minimal recoil and long shots are possible with a certain degree of accuracy. While it can quite difficult to maintain and use, it is a reliable and compact gun, especially for close-range shots. Check out if you want to learn more about the types and makes of spear guns.

Aiming for the best speargun is important, if you are to be a highly-skilled spear fisherman. You will first need to consider several factors like the diving conditions. You need to check whether the water is clear, if the fish are big or if you will be able to take long-range shots. The next thing you need to consider is a spear gunís shaft length because the longer the shaft, the longer the range you will be able to fire at. In this light, you also need to consider the shaft diameter as a lighter shaft with a lower mass will travel faster than a shaft with a larger diameter and higher mass.

Another factor you need to consider are the points or spear tips. If fishing for delicate-skinned species that need only perforation like yellowtail, bluefish or mackerels, it is recommended that you use pencil-nose tips. Tri-cut points on the other hand, are recommended for the thick-skinned species like groupers, snook or snappers which require deeper perforations. Your shooting line, which is attached to the spear shaft, must be made of nylon or monofilament since these work best in any situation and will last longer than most materials.

And last but not the least, you need to consider muzzle types and rigging if you are to get the best aims and shots when spear fishing. The best muzzle types and rigging ensure that your force and aim help you hit your target with minimal damage. Check out some spearguns for sale via and get a head start on your spearfishing adventure.

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