Aging Parent how can we help ?

By: Joe Golz

These days, anti-aging products are mainly patronized by women especially those who are in their late 20 up to late 40 and are at present coming to except with being an aging parent. Mistakenly, women are the most aware beings in this world. All sorts of products, from whitening lotions, bleaching soaps and even anti-aging facial creams and vitamins such as glutathione are widely advertised and sold to aging parents by companies who are into beauty products. Part and parcel of getting aged is degeneration of skin cells. It is shown clearly through a crumpled face and sagging skin. It is in this thought that a large number of women visit their dermatologists and even consult| a physician with regards to different skin problems.
On the other hand, an aging parent is prone to a variety of diseases. Most common among these is the Alzheimer�s disease. Detection in first stage of it is characterized by memory gaps in which the patient has difficulty in remembering certain learned facts such as names of family members, forgetfulness of the most common things and activities done at home. At this point, everyone in the family must be aware of the changes that will take place so that more attention can be aimed to the aging parent. In this manner, the whole family may have a meeting within themselves and think of what is to be expected in the next few days. as this needs thought, certain preparations have to be performed in the household together with the young members of the family. An aging parent at this time does not only need extra attention and concern, but more so on the understanding of the present state.
As the disease progresses, the patient might suffer irritability and disorder. It is understood that the whole family have to give sufficient time to the aging parent. A family meeting once a week might help the aging parent feel more at ease. The family must be cohesive at this time, thus, making the aging parent feeling a sense of belongingness. By this time, it might be that the aging parent is very sensitive and unable to tidy himself. A caregiver or a personal nurse can offer support to the situation depending on the carefull judgement of the whole family members. If each one is busy, then a personal assistant can be of huge help to the family.
The majority of the old folks would love to go to church, visit the parks and also have a chat with colleague elders. This must not be hindered as it may assist them very much in building a positive view towards life. Care for elder requires a lot of expertise and drive. Just like nurturing little kids, an aging parent can be as sensitive as they appear. Taking care for elder includes spiritual nourishment, physical grooming, emotional uplifting and first of all socializing with them in the most natural way. Some aging parents hate to be pitied or related to like abnormal people. They love to tell stories from the past , and they love to be listened around the clock. The personal aide can assist the old in cases of feeling hungry, bored or unloved. yet, the caregiver, nurse or personal assistant assigned must be oriented first about the background personality of the aging parent .

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