Agel Review - Is this Company Gelling?

By: Nelson Montanez

In the direct sales industry, their's a single moment that a company creates a breakthrough item or means of doing business. Within this industry, Agel is in the fore front of suspension gel technology. The company has positioned themselves to become the 1st technology-driven company in the multi-level-marketing industry. Agel is not a direct sales scam. It is a legitimate global company currently operating in 50 countries. In this Agel network marketing review, we'll discuss the leadership, the products and how one can make money on this direct sales opportunity

Who are Agel's Founders?

Glen Jensen (Agel Founder and CEO) is an 18 year multi-level-marketing veteran. Started out as a customer sales agent while in college, he worked his way up the corporate ladder to give him the business skill he has today. He founded Agel in Provo Utah on March 2005
Craig Bradley (Co-Founder/VP of Team Member Relations) is a long time friend of Glen's and is a 19 year network marketing veteran. Working closely with over 30 network marketing companies in his business career, Craig is a well placed asset for Agel.

What the heck is Suspension Gel Technology?

A plant-based, gelatinous fluid that allows basic nutrients to "float." When nutrients "float," they stay dissolved and "suspended". This makes Agels products easier to eat or drink, you get the same amount of nutrients whether you rip open a gel pack or sip from a straw. Also due to the gel technology, the nutrients are readily absorbed by your body so you can get instant results.

What does Agel sell?

OHM - increased mental energy
FIT - supports healthy reduction in body weight
PRO - protein punch in a single-serve package
EXO - lose free radicals and gain better health
MIN - the right amount of vitamins and minerals
UMI - improve your immune system
FLX - 4 supplements for healthy joints
HRT - Fuel to protect your heart
CAL - get the calcium you need for healthy bones

Agel sells the following skin nutrition products

GLO - gel packet that hydrates your body as well as enhances the collagen fibers
Gentle Daily Cleansing Gel - eliminate impurities
Refreshing Misting Gel - tone & balance your skin
Revitalizing Gel Scrub - exfoliate and purify your skin
Intensive Gel Serum - gives your skin a healthy glow
Age-defying Eye Gel - brightens and soothes

How Can I Make Money In Agel?

You have a choice to launch with Agel by investing in a Personal Pack (Cost: $250) or an Executive Kit (Cost: $1000). Your business center has 2 legs. As dollars invested on enrollment, autoship and sales are generated by you and your team, these dollars are converted to "Commissionable Volume" or CV. 10% of CV is paid to the team's lesser leg in team volume commission checks. As your team increases, the more your CV grows. There's no cap to how significant your Quadra-Plan can expand, so regardless how good or bad your lesser leg performs, you'll continue to earn ten percent. Now if you really want to assemble a large team, sign up for the Executive Kit. Why should you? This entitles you to 3 business centers with 2 legs each and earning 10% on the lesser legs of every three centers. This was just a brief description on the long term income potential with Agel, you can also generate Executive bonus, expenses paid on annual leadership retreats, expense accounts, luxury car bonuses and leveraged matching bonuses.

Agel has had massive development in all the countries they conduct business in. However just because Agel is successful doesn't mean that success will trickle down to you. If you've never owned a business before or lack any sales and marketing experience, I plead with you to invest in yourself by learning how to advertise yourself correctly. Set a goal for yourself to work your direct sales business for no less than a year. Have someone you look up to hold you answerable for finishing some task on your business on a daily, weekly & monthly basis. Be persistent and consistent with your promise to yourself to see this thru no matter what and you will be rewarded.

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In order to master the strategies the top producers in this industry use you must network with other networkers that are of the same mindset as yourself. This Agel Review was written to provide value for other networkers searching for a new company but also to shed light on the lack of specific marketing education many mlm companies don't offer. Learn the specific tips and strategies that allow top performers to have constant cash flow, generate leads using free or paid strategies and build your Agel business on autopilot.

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