Affordable Way to Insulate your Home Using Paint

By: Gelber Edward

(See section at end for innovative and cost-effective solution to insulating)

Energy-saving is today's buzz word particularly when it comes to home building and home renovation. The idea of putting on insulating paint and other materials that can be used to lower the consumption of energy is revolutionary but so exciting. The paint with heat insulation additives is now being used more and more by some of the World's leading construction firms and facilities managers. The use of such products is spurred on by the need for ongoing and ever increasing levels of energy efficiency targets that go hand in hand with lessening the damage done to the environmental by the constant and excessive emission of heat into the atmosphere.

Furthermore there is the growing demand for improved insulation products required to help businesses and householders conserve their valuable heat energy, products which are often incorporated into the fabric of a home or commercial building when it is being renovated or improved.

Householders aiming to protect the environment is not a new concept, which has come about with the advent of this newest of technologies; greater access to information is also making people aware of what to do, particularly when it comes to protecting the environment. The energy efficient capacity of paints mean for home insulation purposes they can be very helpful in saving more than 25% of the heat lost. There are other benefits that you can get from using paints for home insulation but more so, these products are also giving you the benefits of improving the temperature you have inside the house. It will make the entire home very airy and breathable for everyone in any extreme weather condition.

There is nothing to worry about when it comes to preventing heat loss which may lead to other damage that paint can cause to the environment because with the improvements made by most companies today, the hazards that the paint brings to the environment is truly reduced and it is now suitable for the Mother Earth, for instance the paints used are water based as opposed to oil based which were previously used and have little negative impact on the environment.

The proof that insulating heat paint truly works is clear to see with a householder or business owner able to reduce the thermostat by several degrees due to the increase in heat build up. This has all been made possible by modern technology. Heat insulation works in abridging the number of particles which reflect heat on the surface of the walls and throughout their reflection properties.

As a layman or someone who is not from the scientific community, it can be difficult for someone to understand and/or envisage how material such as a simple lick of paint can help to improve the installation of their home and how it will work towards an improved climate control as well. In such a case it might be best if the subject of heat transfer is studied and/or researched. Understanding heat loss and insulation will be very helpful to you in the process. Because of the cost of materials used to make a house, homeowners donít necessarily start thinking about insulation related materials until the latter stages and even then they tend to go for conventional insulation products such as loft wool and cavity wall insulation, as opposed to a paint that will not only colour their walls, but will add crucial insulation to the walls of their homes and it is important for them to start thinking about this. In the long run because floors and roofs allow the warm air to pass through easily, by adding insulating pr

operties such as paint and other materials the heat thrashing is easily slowed down considerably.

The paints that are meant for insulation specifically contain micro-spheres which are special materials that have been used for insulating space shuttles as they re-enter the atmosphere and endure extreme temperatures from the resistance of the atmosphere. These are ceramic and thus serve as an insulating agent. This technology was built and formulated originally by NASA and it was their technology that was utilised as a base product to make this possible. This is truly a very exceptional product and it was made to prevent the passing of extremely high temperatures deep into the space shuttles. Micro-spheres act as a concave that will allow gases to be reduced and will also act as a vacuum. The blockage of heat is so important in the insulating process and using insulating paint products such as those produced by Thermilate will be helpful to you if that is your goal. It can also be useful for you to learn more about how the entire process works and understand the background of insulating paint for yourself.

In recent times a more innovative and creative approach to insulation is being rapidly adopted by homeowners and businesses....

So what is this magical insulation method that is leaving all the other insulation methods behind and forging ahead? The secret to its success is through its ease of application, its effectiveness as an insulation product (it is proven to reduce heat loss by up to 30%), its low cost, and non-intrusive to the building. The product is manufactured by a company known as Thermilate Technologies Limited and is an insulating paint, i.e. a paint which can be applied as any normal paint is, yet it contains micro-particles which prevent the flow of heat through them and by applying two coats you are sure to cover your wall in these particles, thereby considerably restricting the ease of heat flow and hence holding back the heat, cutting your costs and saving your energy.

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