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Finding a fine car-servicing dealer for your precious car is something that worries most of the car owners when the car is crossing its servicing limits. Giving your car in expert hands is what gives you the assurance of parting with your priced possession even for a day of servicing. It is important to regularly maintain and service your car to avoid any huge and unforeseen operating cost. Automobile repair experts will help you know more about the car and also inform about the need of servicing when needed.
There are many people who wish to get their cars spray painted on regular intervals to keep maintain the look and life of the car. Spray painting is an important part of the automobile repair service. Some tips while spray painting the car is as follows:
•Ventilation required while working: Working outside is the best. While doing it inside, the doors and windows should be kept open.
•Cover any uncovered spot: Every other part of the car should be covered or blocked if that part is not to be spray painted as spray paints travel to a great distance. A light coat of paint will be visible around you on everything.
•Wear gloves and masks: Paint is toxic and can harm your skin and overall health and one has to be careful while using spray paints. Disposable gloves are the best to wear while doing the job.
•Surface: Sand or remove any older paint, stain or even dirt from the base and prepare the surface to get the best coat. It helps your car get paint smooth and reduce double work.
•One coat of perfection: It is important to first put a perfect coat on the car with a coat of primer. It helps the spray pain travel smoothly on the surface of the car. The primer has to completely dry before applying the first coat of pain.
•Shake well and use: The spray gun has to be shacked well before use and also should be done while application.
•Do not spray paint in patches: Test the nozzle on a cloth or any rough surface to check density and mount of spray at one go. A distance of 6 to 8 inches should be maintained while painting. Several thin coats will look much better than one thick coat and will help prevent drips.
•Let it dry methodically: Any coat should be applied only after the current coat has dried. And patience is needed as a coat of paint will take at least 24 hours to dry completely.
Doing all these things without experts advice can get you into trouble. It is advisable to look for experts in the city to look after your asset with care and competence. Those looking for car spray painting and affordable panel beaters in Perth, Affordable Paints and Panels will help you give the best of the service facilities for your car. For more details, visit them at

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