Affordable Children's Party Favours for Your Kid's Visitors

By: Richard Curtain

The giving of goodie bags to visitors is a customary whenever we hold a party to celebrate important occasions. This has become an important part of a party. It makes the occasion memorable. But because times are getting harder, finding affordable party favors is almost imperative for a lot of celebrants. Here are a few affordable goodies you can buy as party favours for your kid's visitors:

1. Music CDs

Music CDs have become a favorite give-away item of kids who are celebrating their birthday or any other special occasion. Growing kids are starting to develop their interest in music and they will be delighted to receive musical recordings of their favorite hits. The songs can surely remind them of their host every time they play the CD.

2. Crazy Socks

Giving away socks that have patterns and colors that are kind of crazy and non-conventional offer additional fun to a kids' party. You can include them in your list of give away items on your kid's next birthday celebration.

3. Flower Seedlings in Cute Pots

Let your child challenge her peers to "take care of a flower and let it grow." Flower seedlings placed in small, nicely colored paper or plastic pots are cute and living witnesses to an affair to remember. Flowers are breathing mementos of a wonderful time spent together. It's also a challenge the receivers can take and enjoy doing.

4. Bubble Blowers

Bubble blowers are simple give away items. But they can give kids plenty of time to enjoy together. This type of party favor however, is good for children of all ages. Giving bubble blowers during a party is a fun and exciting idea.

5. Marbles in Colorful Pouches

Marbles are an excellent party favor item kids love to play with. I have yet to see a child who is not fascinated by the sight of marbles. They are a great, yet economic way of adding fun and excitement to a kiddie party. Just remember, marbles are for kids over six years old. You can't give them to very young children who might swallow them.

6. Temporary Tattoos

Kids love art, and wearing tattoos on special occasions is one of their favorites. Temporary tattoos are cool. Give them away as a party favor; it's a sure hit to kids of all ages.

7. Decks of Cards

Giving away playing cards that portray kids' favorite cartoon heroes is a good kiddie party idea. Children love to take handy pictures of their cartoon heroes, and giving it to them in the form of playing cards is exciting and of course economical.

8. Stickers

Art is one of the most common subjects children adore. They express themselves better through images, and they love to draw to show their inner feelings and young ideas about the world around them. Giving kids stickers during parties and celebrations is another wonderful yet cost effective kiddie party idea that can surely make children happy. Adding pencils and stickers to this party favor is another bright idea to make your kid's party livelier.

These are just a few party favour ideas you can apply to add color and life to your kid's celebration. There are a lot more, you just need to look around and be creative in order to find many exciting yet affordable items to give away on your child's party.

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Richard Curtain used to work for a caterer and party planner in Melbourne. With his exposure to party preparations and scouting for supplies online and offline, he developed ideas how to get party favours for kids. Visit the site and discover why Richard loves it.

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