Affinity Fraud in the Forex Market, Beware

By: Tom K Kearns

We were taught at our very young ages to look left and right before crossing the street; pay attention to the brightly colored cross walker that guided us, and the bus lights accompanied by the electrically pulled-out stop sign with the intent of restraining us from crossing the street. Now, in our older years concerns about money and internet scams, prompt us to keep an eye on the predators that prey upon us, like the bully at school after our lunch money.
Affinity frauds are the just some of the lions in the grass eyeing us like scrumptious meat. Affinity frauds pounce on the identifiable and very specific groups in the money markets, factions of religion, ethnicity and demographics. It is a new type of fraud in the Forex market that is being heavily watched. Some brokers play in the field of predators offering alleged investment opportunities to specific areas claiming affinity (similarity, likeness) towards them, to lure in a comfort feeling as in to better be able to reel them like fish to the hooked worm.
Getting things done and getting people connected in a world where enormity of true connection is easily portrayed is effortless, via emailing, instant messaging, and so on. Individuals need to be aware of this when they are making investments with Forex brokers or other types. The companies, regulators, and capital of the newfound brokers, traders or investors need to be researched.
Being legitimate is actually a typical move for these swindlers. They will have a few real customers and using that as collateral to fetch others by forming the bond, working hand in hand, and getting testimonials. For the "others" unfortunately, will be lead to a fraud that can lead to serious damages. The lack of notifying the authority is all too common in this situation; instead they try to fix issues within the group which leaves them shorthanded and alone.
Ways to avoid Affinity Frauds
1) The most important and first thing that should be done is to call and ask your state or provincial security agencies about the sales person, firm or company before investing ANYTHING. This simple maneuver can save most people a lot of money. See if the investment is allowed to be sold after asking if investor or company is registered. These investors do not care in any way for you and have a way with words so if they are not completely back away. DO your research.
2) Obtain written information from the investor on the procedures of the investment, risks of the investment, and procedures on getting your money out!
3) Get professional advice from an attorney, financial planner, or accountant. You are much better off whether you get it free from a friend or you pay them.
4) Pay attention to testimonials dates. The investor's earlier people, that were legitimate, may have wonderful and enthusiastic things to say but later arrivals may not be so happy. Watch for repetitive names and out of the ordinary names. Be AWARE!

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