Affiliate Marketing – Finding The Right Content

By: Theo Swan

When your site is built, topics and headers set, you should focus on bringing it to life. The best way of filling your website with content is without question by adding home made material - no matter if it’s written or a gif image. But if you use the various online resources for free content, you will be able to add pages – and sites – to your arsenal at a much faster rate, thus increasing your exposure and profit. If you use this content wisely, you can even add quite a bit of functionality to your pages - which in turn might attract some more visitors, thus increasing your revenue.

The more content you can fill your site with, the better it will be. As long as you make it easy to navigate and incorporate a logical structure - you will attract more visitors and make a better profit on your site. Besides the obvious search engine exposure gained from each added page, you will also be benefiting from a larger site in less obvious ways – mainly due to the internal linking. Easily put; The more links explaining to Google what a particular internal page is about, the easier they can decide what its about. With internal linking, you have the possibility to tell Google what YOU think the pages are about – most likely by an important keyword. There are numerous advantages with large sites, but they often take quite some time to build and maintain, so as far as ONE site designed for affiliate programs goes, I’d stick with somewhere between ten and fifty pages. Not too small to get by unnoticed and at the same time not too large to be unmanageable.

Choosing to build a good site solely on free material is very hard - and gaining a top placement on the search engines might prove impossible due to the lack of original content. However, you can make it profitable if you direct traffic to it or if you target clever keywords. You will be best off with a nice mix of free and self produced material. Most free content – and the sites providing it – is well organized, keyword rich and easy accessible, making it perfect for filling up that empty space on your site. Many people use adsense – or other contextual ads, but if you are imaginative, I bet you can find a few affiliate programs matching your content.

Many people try to make multiple sites covering the same topics, writing only slightly different texts and targeting different keywords. This might seem like a perfect idea, but for the major part search engines often notice this, and if you are unlucky you may get penalized. For a site built for affiliate programs, getting penalized and losing traffic is often devastating. You will always be better off writing completely different and original material, even if you are covering the same aspect of the same story, and make up for lost time by adding some articles or other relevant content - and then moving on to the next project – making your site known to the world.

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