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Is affiliate ebook marketing dead? Are ebooks in general just not as popular as they once were? Is making money with a home based marketing business selling ebooks getting harder to accomplish by the day?

Good questions all of them as ebooks were in fact the new frontier in marketing cyberspace just a few short years ago. Electronic publishing became popular almost overnight but are they headed to the dustbin of history?

Let's step back just a bit and see why affiliate ebook marketing is still unique and just as important as ever. for more even more so than you ever imagined.

1. There are certain qualities and abilities that ebooks possess that other forms of media can't touch.

They are super easy to produce and their cost is practically nothing. No agents, publishers, ink, paper, printing costs or distributors are required.

2. Distribution of ebooks can be accomplished rapidly as digital products.

They can be modified and updated as fast as you can type and they can be changed in an instant as the subjects they cover grow and expand. They can be what is called "evergreen" as you can change them at will.

3. No shopping at the bookstore or waiting on the mail for delivery. Download and start reading and keep it forever on your computer for recall at anytime.

4. You can make them interactive. Anything from surveys to pictures of products you sell to sound and video can all be included in an ebook.

What are some of the ways you can use ebooks to power up your marketing efforts? There really are countless ways to drive traffic and promote your business. Too many to mention here but here are a few ways you may want to consider. for visit can use them as free gifts for purchasing other products you have for sale or you can put them on disc and inserting those discs in any offline products you are promoting.

You can put links to you own products, websites or other affiliate products and allow those who receive them to re brand them thereby making them viral.

You can take each chapter and post half of it to your website each day which will bring your customers coming back to your site to read the next installment. Talk about solving content issues! Can you say PLR? You can have unique content on your site forever! This is big if implemented the right way.

There are tons of ways to use ebooks to market that are even more power than I have space to describe so get online and check out the possibilities. Ebook affiliate marketing is a huge business and you can be a part of it.

Yes, the rage is doing podcasts and videos right now so take advantage of ebooks that many are not! Include video and sound in your ebooks and watch your profits soar!

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