Aerial Photography as a Hobby

By: Aerial Tech

The appeal of aerial photography is not difficult to see. What photography enthusiast wouldn't enjoy taking pictures from angles not normally available to them? With advancements in the field of aerial technology, the ability to participate as a hobby has increased. There have also been newer aspects added that make it considerably more fun.

As if using a remote controlled flying camera wasn't enough to sell anyone on this hobby, the remote can now be your smart-phone or tablet. Not only will this allow you to control your device while it flies, but you can also see from the camera's point of view. This eliminates all the guess work out of getting that shot you want and allows you to line it up perfectly. Videos can be captured as well, which will enhance the enjoyment of using your camera this way. For most aerial photography enthusiasts, this seems to be the preferable technique, so they can review footage later and make screen shots of their favorite moments.

For an enhanced photography experience, a system has been created that can take pictures or video at 360 degrees. It's a special mount with a program that connects the cameras together and syncs them up. Once you upload the picture or video to your computer, you're able to navigate the area you're looking at via on-screen controls. This is a very effective method of making videos since you are no longer restricted to footage of what you're pointing at. A great way this technology can be utilized is taking a video of a sporting event. You can then go through the footage, change the focal point and make videos of each player individually.

Another great way to utilize this technology is while going on vacation. If you come across an area surrounded by buildings or landmarks, you would have to take numerous pictures in order to capture the moment. Now you can get that entire job done with one simple picture. If taking pictures of various stunts or feats of strength, 360 cameras are a big aid. Not only will you capture whatever is being attempted, you can capture the audience reaction at the same time.

Birdwatching enthusiasts have taken a major interest in aerial photography. Mainly because when they find a nest, they can take pictures without disturbing the birds. They can also get some great shots of birds flying by their device, if they have the patience and luck.

When deciding to take up aerial photography, you should do research on the pieces required to make an aerial device that will fit your needs. A good place to start is with a Droidworx Airframe. Once you have a good airframe picked out, it's much easier to piece the rest together. Finding a retailer with experience in aerial technology will help you find reliable supplies for your hobby and get you taking pictures like a pro in no time.

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