AdvoCare Business Opportunity Review Ė Donít Join AdvoCare until You Read This

By: Mark Gubuan

If you're looking for the same old AdvoCare review, then you've come to the wrong place. I'll review the AdvoCare business opportunity, the AdvoCare complaints, and the product AdvoCare Spark. Whether your looking to be an AdvoCare distributor or just browsing MLM opportunities, I'm going to share a new marketing strategy that is sweeping the network marketing industry.

The good thing about AdvoCare is that they have an experienced leader in Richard Wright. With a pedigree that he has, it's no wonder that he's a born business and network marketing leader. Wright has experience in managing an MLM team of 1000 members and the experience of building and growing his own company.

Wright made the decision to sell his company in order to seize the AdvoCare opportunity. His training is so highly regarded that he actually shared the stage with legendary motivational speaker and trainer Zig Ziglar. Not bad if you ask me.

Now, what about the AdvoCare complaints that you hear all over the internet? There are two issues. The first is having products with ingredients that are not approved by the FDA. The second is having a high failure rate in MLM which fuels the fire for unsuccessful AdvoCare reps.

The first issue with AdvoCare products, is that people don't understand completely what's in the food. The fact of the matter is that it's YOUR body and YOUR responsibility to know what you're eating, especially if you're a high profile athlete like many of the endorsers. The second issue is that when you start a business, you need business SKILLS, so if you don't have any skills when you join the AdvoCare opportunity you need to learn them.

AdvoCare Spark has the following ingredients: 120mg caffeine, 750% B12, 750% B6, 300% niacin, GABA. Clearly caffeine and B12 and B6 are going to give you a boost of energy, so if that's what you need then that's what you'll get. Personally, I don't mess with energy drinks because you should only consume 100% of you daily recommended vitamins, etc. And that's all I need. I hear it tastes good though.

Evaluating the AdvoCare business opportunity? Here's the shorthand pitch. The next trillion dollar industry is the health and wellness industry and it's currently booming. The baby boomer generation is aging and starts trends. Since they are aging, they'll want to pay close attention to their health. That's where AdvoCare comes in.

The issue I have with the AdvoCare opportunity is not with the product, compensation plan or the leadership. It's actually the marketing training. Disclaimer: I'm not an AdvoCare rep, but I'm a student of the network marketing industry.

Fact: 95% of all network marketers FAIL within the industry. Not the AdvoCare opportunity, but the entire industry. This fact is unavoidable if you're in network marketing or taking a look at the AdvoCare opportunity. The cause of this alarming statistic is that new distributors lack upline support, they have unrealistic expectations and do not have any marketing training.

What I'm saying here is that there's nothing wrong with the AdvoCare opportunity itself, but the industry as a whole. AdvoCare does have training and it does have support, but from the outside looking in, I can tell that this opportunity does not teach leadership branding.

For example, if the AdvoCare leadership really wanted to put their distributor success first, then they would have provided more of a front end pitch about marketing training. Specifically, the training would be related to personal branding, promotion and leadership development. The best training would be how to brand AdvoCare distributors as leaders, even if they never sponsored anyone.

Marketing training would position the new distributors as experts. How many AdvoCare distributors give out reports on what someone should eat in order to lose weight, or a report on how to keep endurance up? If someone, gave you expert advice would you begin to trust them?

How likely would it be that you'd want to buy from them? How likely would it be that you'd be more open to listening to their AdvoCare opportunity?

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