Advice for the Beginner Woodworker

By: Guy Morris

Wood is a long used product. It is used in everything from homes to toys. Woodworking used to be a popular hobby, but as the world became more high tech it seemed to fall by the wayside. The demand for wood products, though, has never seemed to go down and it may be higher today than ever before. It is a great art that is well worth getting into. Even amateurs can make some beautiful wooden items with a little work.

Getting Educated

Getting started with woodworking is not too difficult. For the adventurous it can be as simple as picking up a piece of wood, a knife and just doing it. For someone who is more interested in learning techniques and gaining skill there are some options, such as woodworking courses. They may be found at local trade schools, hardware stores or even at festivals and fairs, set up in a booth. They can be a great way to get a nice introduction into the art of working with wood.

Tools You'll Need

While all it really takes to carve wood is a piece of wood and a knife, it can help to learn about tools that can make it easier and much more enjoyable. This craft has been around for centuries, so it is no surprise there have been new tools introduced. There is actually an array of tools that can be used to make the perfect project.

Depending upon the actual project and its size and scope, you may need things like saws, sanders, jigs and various hand tools. For instance, if you are into cabinetmaking you will need different tools than someone doing decorative figures. Among each tool there are different types that do different things. It is a good idea to be familiar with these choices. For example with saws, there are miter saws and table saw or scroll saws. Miter and table saws cut at angle, while a scroll saw is more for adding detail cut work. Jigs are used for precise cuts and are a guide for cutting. Hand tools can range from knives to hammers to drivers to drills. Routers are another good tool that are used with the table saw to help add decorative edges.

Woodworking Groups

When a person become involves in woodworking it is natural to want to meet with others who are into the craft too. There are various groups around where a woodworker can meet others, learn new skills and gain insight into the craft. International and national shows are a great way to learn about new products and developments. They are a huge gathering of many people who love the craft.

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