Advice for Transferring Large Files Via the Web

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Having the ability to transfer large files over the internet is an essential tool for all video, audio, and graphic designers who wish to build their business and literally work with clients on a global scale. Being able to deliver gig sized files and folders across continents and oceans via the internet saves time and money and makes geography a non-issue.
Sending large data files over the net is not a new phenomena by any means, but a brief summary of the most used methods can be useful.
1. FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, is a very popular way to deliver files over the World Wide Web. With any FTP software users gain access to protected folders by providing a user name and password and then have the ability to easily upload and download data. With server size being the only limit to file transfer size, FTP has proven to be one of the most utilized methods for file transfer.
2. If you have the above mentioned access to an FTP server, you can upload a .mov file, for example, onto your server and provide a URL which your client can then right click and download. For example, a file named placed on your FTP folder in a folder named clients would have the URL of http://
3. P2P software, also known as Peer to Peer software, lets large media files which are hosted on participants computers be transferred and does not involve any uploading. All who participate need the same P2P software installed. No links are used and files are downloaded through the functions of the software.
4. Another method, called Software as a Service or SaaS, is an application hosted on a server which is made available to users. Links are provided for downloading once a user uploads files of a certain size. Payed plans are available for the uploading of multiple or massive files.
Geography will become more and more irrelevant for your media business as you become proficient with the above methods. By overcoming geography you will be able to work with clients anywhere on the globe as easily as with those in your neighborhood.

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