Advice for Prospective College Students

By: Aubrey Moulton

There are so many things I wish I had known before beginning my university career. Let me share a few crucial lessons I learned so you can get the most out of your college years. Any higher learning facility|University life} is not cheap; thereís tuition, books, rent, food, etc. College life has enough stress, but being low on funds makes everything harder.. This is a piece of advice you will not hear everywhere to save you some much needed cash: Never, never, never pay for your text books. You might think Iím crazy but hear me out. In most colleges, professors are required to provide their textbooks on reserve at the school library. You wonít be able to check the textbook out of the library but it is available to you. You can finish all of your reading and studying in the library without purchasing the book. Also, find out if any of the local city libraries offer the textbook youíre need. This has saved me hundreds of dollars every semester.

Here is another hint. Do not buy your lunch on campus. It might seem like itís inexpensive but trust me, you can make and pack a more economical lunch from your own fridge. When I spend the entire day on campus, I pack a meal and assorted snacks. Don't go to the local coffe shop either. Why haven't you invested in a coffee maker? Four dollars daily for an entire semester will leave you $300 poorer! Make your grounds at home and take it with you. If you have to have a boost sometime during the day you are ready with your to-go mug, refills are always less expensive than a new cup.

Finally, be involved. There is such a variety of clubs and organizations to chose from. Some of them are necessary to your career path after graduation, just make you feel better about yourself by offering service projects. If youíre new on campus, clubs are a great way to make friends. Select a group that participates in things you are interested inlike. Trust me, if you like it there is an organization out there for you.In closing, have fun with your time in college. Study hard, make friends, laugh a lot and donít be afraid to try new things.

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