Advice for New Bloggers

By: Bessmer Vowles

Write for your readers, not for Google As mentioned above, keeping the quality of your posts high is important, especially when it comes to growing traffic to your blog organically. Running out and purchasing the best online SEO optimization software in the world won't help if visitors to your blog are unimpressed by the content they find there.

Take care to post information that is valuable to your readers and your traffic will benefit as a result. Using keywords and other such techniques is fine, but focus first on coming up with top-notch content rather than the other way round. Bring on the robots Make sure that your site is properly designed for indexing and categorization by the robots (also known as web bots) used by the major search engines. Check your sitemap to verify that it has been designed to allow such searches.

Writing high quality blog posts that nobody can find is an exercise in frustration, so you may want to consider hiring an expert to help with this step or using prepackaged blogging software such as Wordpress to make sure you get it right. Utilize online SEO reporting software Google analytics and other software of this type is an important tool for analyzing and assessing your site's traffic. With this software you can check to see where your traffic is coming from, bounce rates, and keyword efficacy as well.

Cater your subject matter to popular terms and phrases within the subject you cover to help increase your blog's standing with the search engines. Choose your tags well Meta tags, or titles which tell the search engines what your site is about are crucial in helping your blog's natural audience find its way to your site. Make sure you devise tags which contain terms and phrases that are commonly used in the sector you are writing about for maximum SEO impact. Utilize social media Do your best to spread your message across a wide variety of social media platforms. Various services can do this for you, depending on the popularity of the content, or you can make an effort to do it yourself, using tools such as Facebook, Twitter, and the like.

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