Advent of New and Advanced SEO Concepts

By: Dristi Kamboj

Writing SEO-friendly articles is an indispensable part of any strategic SEO campaign in the Internet marketing world. However, the quality of writing SEO'd articles will vary depending on which approach an article content writer puts into the process while developing and writing seo-friendly article content. Earlier, it was being assumed that good content can generate good traffic and potential prospects for any website. But with the advent of new and advanced SEO concepts, simply having good content is not enough to attract significant traffic. Along with substantially good content, for more details visit to your articles need to be SEO-friendly as well from more than just one aspect. Today, all major search engines give a lot of emphasis to articles that are researched and incorporated with advanced SEO techniques. Hence, every webmaster are trying to incorporate techniques that would make their article content optimized SEO wise to fare well in search engine result pages of major search engine such as Google, Yahoo and MSN and also get good page rank for their site.

Latent Semantic Index or LSI Technique

Merely conforming to the traditional method of 3-7% keyword density may not be enough for producing quality SEO'd article content. There are different ways of using the keywords or key phrases in the article content so as to make it SEO-friendly. It's a good idea to use derivatives of the keywords or key phrases in the article content. Also use of synonyms of the key phrases, for more details visit to suffixes and prefixes with the keywords will make the article content search engine friendly. For instance, if your keyword is "Organic SEO", you can use "Natural SEO" as a synonym of the keyword in your article content. This is popularly known as LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) Technique in the SEO jargonology.

Keyword Positioning

Keyword positioning is a critical factor in writing SEO friendly article content. According to SEO guidelines, search engine bots tend to crawl the first and last few sentences of the articles. Hence, it should be ensured that the most targeted keywords or key phrases are used effectively close to the beginning of the first paragraph and the last paragraph of the articles. Besides, there should be healthy keyword proximity in the article content as well. Articles smeared with keywords with little meaning never impressed anyone. Therefore, SEO article writers should doubly ensure that they have judiciously used their targeted keywords or key phrases while developing SEO-friendly article content.

Relevant Content

Search engine kingpin Google has also given importance to relevant article content. In fact, the prime objective of Google was to help its visitors with quality, accurate and relevant content so that visitors find correct information for which they turn to search engines. Hence quality and SEO'd article content is extremely critical to achieving importance from search engines. If the above tips are incorporated along with quality article content, then it can definitely take your website to rank gradually higher in search engine result pages across popular search engines.

Writing seo-friendly article content is a no-brainer; however, the key lies in keeping a tab on the latest developments in the SEO world and getting updated on the most recent SEO article writing techniques used across the industry. Moreover, following some popular article sites to gather information from time to time can also help an article content writer stay afloat in a highly competitive article writing landscape.

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