Advantages of Hexigo in Knowledge Management

By: Julia Bennet

Decision management requires much of knowledge retention since this enables us to learn through our pats decisions and this can really help in avoiding corporate amnesia. Hexigo, a very able decision management software creates a repository of each and every decision you make for future reference. It records the complete process of how and why the decision was made and who actually facilitated it. It captures each and every single context of the process rather than just the final outcome. Capturing these decisions in a repository can assist any organization review the decision after some time and test its effectiveness. This can also be used to rate the proficiency of past decision makers and their input to the organizations overall growth.

No matter how long ago a decision was made, you will still be in a position to retrieve each and every detail that was entailed in making the decision. Similarly, no matter how many changes the organization has encountered, the decisions involved will always be available via Hexigo. This ensures knowledge management since keeping records is a way of retaining the organizationís knowledge. Hexigo is thus not only a reliable partner when it comes to making decisions but it also plays a great role in knowledge management as well. By keeping track of each and every decision, Hexigo ensures accountability in the organization. There is clear evidence of whom and how the decision was made thus the decision maker in future cannot say in any instance that he or she was not involved.

This promotes a culture of transparency and accountability and at the same time ensures that the one making decisions is on his or her toes since later he or she might be questioned regarding the same. Since most people always complain of never being involved in decision making, Hexigo gives them that opportunity since it connects each and every one in the organization thus making sure each and every one gives out his or her opinion.

To avoid instances and cases of crashed systems which contribute to loss of most important information in any organization, Hexigo provides you with the opportunity to store your information in the cloud where it will always and forever be safe from unwanted access. In case of loss or damage of the organizations systems, you could still retrieve your information from the cloud services easily.

It is a simple to use tool since it has no downloads all installations but with a quick few and easy to follow steps you could have your whole organization connected with Hexigo. You will have a chance to try out a free setup where you can rate its effectiveness and if you are satisfied with the result purchase yourself a full version with unbeatable services.

Determine if your organization is making the appropriate decisions, stores any decision made by the organization, retain most of the organizations information, involve everyone in the decision making process and ensure there is accountability and transparency in the organization by getting help from Hexigo today.

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