Advantages and disadvantages of living in a camper

By: Joey Kirk

Camper living has been around for a long while, and many people consider it the only way to stay. A few decades ago, only the free souls and constant travellers would go about living in a trailer, now many people think of it as a good alternate living option. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of living in a camper.

The first advantage, of course, is that living in a camper is quite economical. Generally, the cost of a camper is much less than buying an apartment. Renting an apartment is getting expensive as days pass, and a couple of year's house rent may buy a good camper for you, therefore making the camper buy an economic option.

The advantages of living in a camper begin right from deciding where to stay. With a camper, you can change your neighbourhood as much as you like. There are special trailer parks for people who live in campers, and you need to pay rent on a monthly, half yearly or yearly basis to live in a particular area. You can save a lot of money and live in different areas if you decide to live in a particular area of six months, pay the rent for the said time and then look for some other area to live in. Compare this to changing a house, and you would need to first look for a buyer of your old home, and then decide where you want to live next, taking your budget into consideration, etc. While with a trailer, all you need to do is to rev up the engine and drive into the sunset literally.

The other economic aspect of living in a camper is that it takes a lot less expense to decorate or change the look of your trailer than an apartment or a room. With a right trailer, you can have almost all the amenities and comforts that a decently priced home can, and that too at economic rates.

Living in a trailer could have its disadvantages too. Living in a trailer might not be the best option for people who follow some lifestyles. For those whose house and residence are a mark of status symbol and social status, a trailer might not be the best residence to portray.

Trailer life is nomadic. While some people live in a particular trailer park for all their lives, it might not always be possible for a person to live in the same area all their lives. This nomadic life might not be suitable for families and children; therefore, one should consider these things before deciding to go on the road leading a camper lifestyle.

Buying a home is much more expensive, compared to buying a trailer, but even so, you need to pay a considerable amount to buy a trailer, and put some serious thought into planning a trailer that gives you all the amenities and services that you would be looking for.

Consider these aspects while deciding whether you live in a camper or maintain a residence. If you do have an adventurous streak, you can also buy or rent a camper and go on camping trips!

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