Advantages Of Herbal Hair Fall Control Over Chemical Based Formula

By: Alton Patrick

Losing hair of 50 to 100 strands is quite normal. It is due to the reason that it undergoes 3 phases of its life cycle.

Hair growth phases: Hair has 3 different life cycles: anagen, catagen, and telogen. Anagen means growth phase. These constitute about 90% of the total hair. They last between two and eight years. Catagen is a transition phase that last for about 2 to 3 weeks. During this period, the hair follicle shrinks. Telogen is the resting phase that last about 2 to 4 months.

Above facts got to be clear that only 10 percent of the hair strands are either in transition phase or resting phase, rest 90% grows for about 6 inches per year on an average. If one strand is lost, it is surely replaced by another one. If the hair fall increases, this means that the ratio of hair falling and growing are not up to the mark, i.e. hair fall is more than the hair growth.

Skin conditions: Cystic acne (cysts) arises from the same hormonal imbalance that causes the hair loss. So, this is the major contributing factor that proves that hair is getting thinner if the acne cysts and blemishes are visible at the same time.

Psychological factors: Hair thinning and baldness are related to psychological stress. If the person undergoes stress or depression, then he or she loses much amount of hair. On the other hand, if the person loses hair too much then he or she is most likely to lose self-esteem for being self-conscious for appearance. Hair loss caused due to chemotherapy (method to treat cancer) also generates the psychological disorders among patients due to the reason that their body image does not appear same as before after the re-growth of hair for a majority of patients. Such kinds of patients face difficulties in expressing their own feelings.

There are several types of treatments available in the market that claim to produce best results. But these methods are chemical based. Scalp is induced with hair one by one that is tremendously painful. These remedies do not generate permanent result and seek huge amount of money by trapping innocent victims. Other possible disadvantage is they may generate ill effects. After facing such effects, you may or may not get fair judgment in the consumer courts.

To avoid such kind of troubles, it is better to choose herbal hair fall control over chemical based formula. The answer to your every query regarding advantages of herbal hair fall control is yet solved. Hylix herbal hair fall control lotion is the most impressive hair fall remedy which suits people of all ages including both men and women that firmly roots the hairs and prevents any further hair fall permanently for sure.

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