Advantages And Risks Of Athletic Supplements

By: Spencer Hunt

Monday 8:30 am

From the Desk of Spencer Hunt, athlete and wellness consultant.

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This is a FREE brief overview of the different types of athletic supplements and some of the supplement risks. If you are new to supplements, read this article before you buy.

I am not recommending any of the supplements listed in this article. I have personally used all of these types. I just want to emphasize that you do your research. Athletic supplements, or ergogenic aids, are dietary products taken by people looking to improve their athletic performance. As you know, there are different types of supplements.

They can be synthetic, or natural.
They can be real or fake.
They can be helpful or harmful.

Athletic supplements can usually be bought over the counter and through the Internet. Athletic supplements can be used for building muscle, losing weight, building stamina and increasing strength.

Athletic supplements are often perceived to be a quick fix or easier means to achieve desired outcomes. Athletes often use supplements to get fit after an injury. But are athletic supplements all good, carrying no draw backs or side effects? The answer is probably no. People who use supplements tend to have mood swings, high blood pressure, heart disease, urinary and bowl problems, blood clots, sleep disorders and there is an increased possibility of cancer in the later stages of life. People injecting steroids in a group environment and sharing the same needle run the risk of catching diseases like HIV or hepatitis.

So this begs the question of why athletic supplements are not regulated. Well, they are, but in this age you can buy them from countries in which there are no such regulations. You often hear of customs officials catching people importing supplements that are not otherwise available or only available by prescription.

Major sport supplements can be broken down into the following categories:
Protein powder mixes;
Anabolic steroids;
Human growth hormones;
Fat burners;
Creatine; and

Protein powders are in my oppinion the safest. These are quite popular for delicious shake mixes that allow an athlete to increase their daily protein intake, which is good for the body since muscles are made up of protein. This can be very nice for vegetarian athletes that are looking to get the right amount of protein into their diet. I am not a vegetarian, but I still enjoy a scoop of protein mix in the morning. If you are already eating plenty of protein, like tuna sandwhiches or egg for breakfast, then this might not be necessary for you.

Anabolic steroids are hormones that help stimulate body muscle growth resulting in bigger and stronger muscles. Steroids are usually compared with male testosterone, which is produced naturally in males and in a smaller quantity in females.

Human growth hormone, known as HGH, is often prescribed by doctors for patients who have known hormone or growth problems. Its abuse often leads to imbalanced hormone levels in body.

Fat Burners are one of the most popular supplements available in the market as a panacea for losing weight. They are usually made out of the natural herb ephedra, commonly known as ephedrine. It is known to increase the metabolism and increases nervous system. These supplements can cause serious heart problems or stroke if not used properly. There is one new natural product out on the market.

Creatine is a byproduct produced by liver and kidney. It is found in red and white meat and in fish. Creatine is supposed to provide extra strength during physical activities like workouts or in professional competitions. Taken in large quantities, creatine can interfere with organs like the liver and kidney of human body.

Androstenedione is commonly known as DHEA(dehydroepiandrosterone) or simply Andro. These are natural hormones or pro-hormones that can be broken down into testosterone. The effects of these hormones are often compared with anabolic steroids, and they are not suitable for young adults as they interfere with the natural hormones of the young body and can cause natural body growth to stop.

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Spencer Hunt is a Wellness representative who understands the need for safe nutritional products such as Glyconutrients Products.

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