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By: Ted Hamilton

Many credit card companies cater to certain sectors. Advanta is a company that is the leading provider of credit cards to small businesses and business people. With their cards they offer things like bonus miles, cash back and platinum cards with no fees. Cards designed to give rewards to someone who owns a business.

The Advanta Banking Corporation was started in 1951 with only $30. Since then, Advanta has also grown to become one of the nation's best providers of credit cards to small businesses, specifically offering them two different credit cards.

The bonus miles card gives the holder a point each for each dollar they put on their credit card. The points can go to a wide range of rewards like free travel and gift cards. A business person who spends a lot of time traveling, such as a hired gun or a traveling wind sock salesman, could really utilize a business card that offers free travel after so many points spent.

The cash back rewards card gives you a certain percent of money back on things you buy business related such as office supplies, cell phones, gas and internet purchases. It also gives you a lower percent back on all other purchases made with the card. A cash back card would be good for any small business, particularly businesses that are computer related like networking and computer repair. With as much money as owners have to spend on things like office supplies and cell phones, this card would be a help to anyone who is pioneering a small business of virtually any kind.

My friend recently has begun brewing wine at his home to give out as gifts and to stroke his own ego with. Once he gets enough made, that is, that doesn't taste like vinegar with a trace of vomit, he might decide to start selling it. An Advanta cash back program would be perfect for him and give him money towards the supplies he needs to buy. Instead of using a bucket that probably was used to store fertilizer in and stealing bottles from withered drunks on the sidewalk, he can use some of that money he gets back to buy brand new equipment so maybe his wine won't taste similar to how a compost pile smells.

Maybe one of the reasons Advanta is one of the leading credit card companies that tailors especially to small businesses is because they understand where small business are coming from and what they need to help them grow. Starting as a bank that had $30 kept in somebody's spare bedroom and growing into a corporation that is one of the leading credit cards for small businesses shows they know what it takes to help a small business grow. They have been around for over 50 years and have continued to grow and help provide financial assistance to small businesses.

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