Advanced Solutions to Poor Eyesight

By: Peter Roseberg

Many people of all walks of life have eye problems or poor vision. In daily life, we encounter a lot of people wearing glasses. There are so many factors that affect our vision but there's always a way to manage poor eyesight or treat these conditions with the right solution.

While traditional eyeglasses have become the simplest and cheaper solution, others have opted for contact lenses. These two solutions have been helpful in managing poor eyesight. However, new and advanced methods have arrived. We can now expect better results with more advanced solutions. The traditional method helps people manage eye problems. This time the possibility of restoring clear vision and treat problems like astigmatism is within our reach. Letís take a closer look at these two new options in treating poor eyesight.

Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery is an invasive but proven safe procedure that can restore one's eyesight to the ideal 20/20 vision. It is a very quick procedure that can be completed under 30 minutes for both eyes. It is generally painless, and results are easily noticeable after a day or two. Minimal recovery time is necessary, and in most cases, it is simply an outpatient procedure.

The physician takes careful evaluation or eye exam before the procedure. He or she ensures that your eyes are healthy for the procedure and also takes in consideration any health conditions you may have. The physician also takes note of your pupil size, cornea shape and thickness, and other eye conditions whether it's astigmatism, nearsightedness or farsightedness. This will help the doctor administer a most appropriate procedure.

The results are quite significant. In most cases, people get 20/20 vision, 20/40 vision or less. For those who may not get the ideal 20/20 vision, prescription level for eyeglasses or contact lenses are lower than before. The benefits are long-term but we can't discount the possibility of poorer vision, as we grow older. While this procedure has a high success rate, there are possible side effects including night glare or infection.


If you're still unsure about laser eye surgery because of its invasiveness, risks involved, or the expensive cost, you have another option that is not invasive but can still provide great results. Orthokeratology is an advanced solution that is suitable for people who want freedom from wearing glasses or contact lenses while enjoying and benefiting from clear vision. Ortho-K lenses are overnight contact lenses that gently press down on the cornea. Upon waking up, one can remove the Ortho-k lenses and notice a significant improvement in vision throughout the day. In short, wear lenses at night and get clear vision during the day. In some cases, the effect lasts for about 2 days so people only wear the overnight lenses every other night.

People can have the freedom to play sports without the worry of breaking their eyeglasses or losing their contact lenses. This solution is less expensive than laser eye surgery but more expensive than ordinary eyeglasses and contact lenses for the added value and benefit. If you want to know more about these solutions, contact an eye doctor in your areas. If you're from Australia, you can visit for more info.

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