Adrenaline Rushing iOS Games For All Ages

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Undersea Glider Crab

The player must guide an undersea glider from an ocean reef! Join the Hermit Crab on a Manta Ray Glider as he tries to search and take the seven blue pearls. Undersea Glider Crab game has 87 missions which build on your skills. Earn upgrades for your glider through the game and the seven mini games that assess your reflexes and your skills. Knock sea otters off their scuba tanks far more points and fuel improvements.

Space Invaders: Infinity Gene

This amazing trippy reboot of the arcade classic is one of the best shooters available on the system an astonishing wealth of gameplay mechanics couples with stunning retro-futuristic graphics starts off simple and layers on new concepts, controls and weapons in a clever "evolutionary" method. Quite a few replayability and the capacity to import songs from your iPhone and make levels around them make it a must-own.

Propaganda Lander

Propaganda Lander is inspired by the timeless arcade games, creator Smashworx introduced this sweet action game that features an alien spaceship that captures natives across 20 levels using easy, accurate controls and a sweet art design. What makes this game stand ahead is its great sense of humor the plot is strong, always amusing, and communicated remarkably well.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour

Tiger Woods PGA Tour is easily the best golf game on the iOS devices, this game lets you take the degraded golfer through 120 recreated holes from real PGA courses - or play as another, less sexually weird pro, or make your own custom golfer who can be as sexually weird as you like. Great normal swing controls decrease the hindrance and engender a fun, filling links experience.

Pac-Man Championship Edition

Original Pac-Man designer Toru Iwatani is the brain behind this great update, originally introduced on Xbox Live Arcade but given a flawless iPhone port. You all know how to play Pac-Man Championship Edition- drive the bolting yellow mouth through the maze, eating dots and avoiding ghosts. But this update changes the game around to a desperate speed run, giving players a restricted time to eat as much as they can, with the maze stimulating itself when you gobble fruit. Great controls make this among of the best short-session iOS games.

Rolando 2

While the first Rolando seemed a little too stirred by PSP game LocoRoco, the sequel got nearly everything right to become one of the most well-known games in the iPhone's library. To play, tilt the device to move your bouncy Rolandos to the exit, but be careful for foes and environmental threats. The remarkable soundtrack by Mr. Scruff makes this game the one you won't mute to listen to your iTunes library for.

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Guide an undersea glider from an ocean reef! Join the Hermit Crab on a Manta Ray Glider as he attempts to find and capture the seven blue pearls. For more information feel free to visit us at:

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