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Laser hair removal (the use of a powerful light emitting technology to treat hair) is unseating electrolysis as the preferred method of permanent hair removal – especially as the technology improves. This procedure is a popular choice with women who have difficulty removing their unwanted hair on their legs because it reduces the amount of hair you have and lead to some permanent hair removal. In addition, it lightens the color of the hair and decreases its thickness. One of the most popular choices in laser hair removal clinic, Sydney is the Laser Derm Clinic, employing state-of-the-art technology to bring about great hair-removing results. Additionally, Laser Derm Clinic Sydney treats hair woes in both men and women, providing a diverse array of services, all offered by their highly qualified laser therapists.

This laser hair removal clinic Sydney takes about an hour for permanent removal of hair from both legs. Over the next two months after treatment, additional hair gradually falls out. At least six treatments, three to six weeks apart, may be needed to achieve a meaningful reduction in the amount of hair on your legs or elsewhere. Most studies have shown a 90 percent hair reduction by that time! That’s a lot of hair gone!

Other areas of the body the laser, gentlelase Sydney hair treatment can be used, with little or no discomfort, are:

Face (upper lip, forehead, cheeks, chin)
Neck (To remove that tiny hair visible on the neck)
Arms (hands included),
Bikini line,
Between the eyebrows (sculpting two distinct eyebrows instead of a uni-brow).

There are many benefits to Laser Derm Clinics’s ipl hair removal Sydney in comparison to electrolysis. The procedure can be done very rapidly and the patient can immediately return to what she was doing before. Laser hair treatment is also very effective for the removal of ‘terminal’ hair, which is that one, dark, annoying hair which sprouts in the most embarrassing of places. Typically they’re found under your arms or across your pubic region. Occasionally, though, a regular hair follicle will just spontaneously morph into a terminal follicle.

One would think that only women were interested in having hair removed. Surprisingly enough, though, 25% of hair-removing patients are in fact men, who wish to shed unwanted hair, and who find the benefits of laser hair treatment irresistible. Actors, models and even older men for a variety of reasons flock the hair removal salons in droves now.

So if you want to effectively and permanently remove hair from those private places, look into this laser hair removal clinic Sydney. Its safety, effectiveness and quick results without discomfort or pain outclass all other hair removal clinics and treatments available today.

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