Additional layer of Hologram will protect your Product from forgery

By: Rohit Mistry

You might have seen a three dimensional stickers on any product with a company Logo, Children’s pencil boxes or any packing of stored food containers; these three dimensional colorful stickers or labels are called as Hologram Labels or Holograms.

Several optical layers contain with 2D or 3D hologram images. One image is placed behind another resulting in a 3dimentional effect as each layer is kept at a special distance to your eyes with visual depth. These images normally consist of thin lines which can be seen at big angles of diffraction. Initially any Logo or Design can be created into 2D / 3D hologram with intensity and parallax. In Hologram labels, superposition of unlike images is seen at a different point of view in the similar place of the Holograms. Various micro and macro texts cause included into the hologram labels design with letter sizes as minute as 1 micron.

You will find two types of flip-flop effect in hologram labels/Hologram stickers. We can make several different images / logos in different viewing angle and depth in 2D/3D effect and these fundamentals will have flip-flop effect as our eyes can see each image on Hologram labels only in certain viewing angles. Hologram labels are the labels which show the company logo or image which is an identification of a particular company. Hologram Stickers help their customers to recognize their favorite product with specially made by the manufacturer.

Nowadays every industry is using the Hologram stickers/Hologram labels on their products to enhance the image of their brands in the respective market. Hologram Labels are utilized for attractive product packaging, security applications, fancy gifts, registration of priceless objects which are not easy to counterfeit.

Holographic packing material have become very much popular, low-priced and easily available. The use of Hologram stripes are used on Credit cards and Bank notes, which has reduced the possibilities for forgery. Security labels are used for the same purpose. Hologram stickers are used for Government documents like Passport, Licenses, Bank cards or bank documents etc.

Tamper evident stickers are nothing but tamper proof stickers which will leave a mark if the sticker is removed. Tamper evident labels are generally used to identify tampering with containers having valuable material inside, or boxes including confidential information or equipment/calibration settings etc. Hologram labels or Tamper evident stickers are used for different products fine jewellery or watches, chemical/fertilizers or detergent, building material & hardware, sporting goods, gifts, novelties, toys, documents like driving licenses, vehicle registration books, fare charts, certificates like marksheets for degree/diplomas, secret envelopes or valuable documents, computer peripherals, stationary items, books/copyrights literatures, Passport, Visa, Excise revenue stamps etc.

There is one more type of hologram available in the market i.e. Hologram stripes or rolls, where in hologram is printed on a stripe and that stripe is used for packing. Initially, it was available in red or blue color but now multicolor hologram stripes are also available in the market.

Several types of Hologram products are available in the market. Hologram labels offer an extra layer of safety as they cannot be scanned or copied and are an established method to protect against counterfeiting.

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