Adding Steps With Toning Shoes

By: Sarah Carlye

It may seem that there isn’t enough time or enough opportunities to add walking in your routine. It may be easier than you think. Add steps to when you walk during the course of a normal day. This can be done wearing any shoe. To maximize the health affects of walking, many choose to wear the Stepgym shoe.

It sounds simple, but it will make a difference just picking one of the farthest parking spots instead of the closest parking spot. Don’t settle for slowly walking from your car. Walk briskly like you are in a hurry. This not only will increase the affects of walking, it will reduce the time parking farther away ads.

Take the long way through the store or even walk through the store before beginning to buy your items. If you live in an area where weather reduces the times you can walk outside, this will help you maintain your walking goals. On days you are able to walk outside, this will increase your walking.

Use a pedometer and see how many steps you take in a normal course of your day. Then set goals to increase that. Adding a few more steps to all activities will add up at the end of the day and in no time you will see the weight drop and fitness increase.

Why add steps to your day and increase your walking? By doing so you will increase the affects of walking on weight loss and fitness. It is more rewarding to loose weight faster and to see the thighs and buttocks firm up faster. It is that faster reward to walking that makes the Stepgym shoe the shoe of choice for many walkers. Wearing the Stepgym shoe increases the affects of walking. It is a mini workout in every step.

About 1000 steps will burn about 500 calories. To loose a pound, about 3500 calories needs to be burned. Slow weight loss tends to be more long lasting. Crash/fad diets help drop the weight quickly, but often the weight is also quickly regained. Adding 3500 steps a week can mean a weight loss of 4 pounds per month (that would be 48 pounds in a year).

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