Add Pizzazz and Liven Up The Party with Exotic Fruity Drinks Recipes

By: Vikram Kuamr

Recipes are available online for many different concoctions of drinks if you are planning to learn more about cocktails and mixes. Check the Internet for fruity drinks recipes and you will be amazed at the various cocktails that can be made by mixing a few fresh fruits and ingredients with liquor. If you are planning to throw a party in your home, you can purchase these items and pick up some cocktail shaker kits, swizzle sticks, plenty of ice, mixes, bitters and fresh ingredients and you are ready to rock and roll!

If you are interested in following fruity drinks recipes, make sure you get fresh or canned fruit juices, purees and fresh lemons and oranges. You should have a stock of shot glasses, tall glasses, wine glasses, brandy snifters and other assorted sizes for serving drinks on the rocks or for specific cocktails. If your guest requests for an Apple Martini, you should be aware that the recipe calls for one part vodka, one part apple schnapps that is mixed with one part of apple juice. Pour the mixture in a cocktail glass and serve it with a slice of apple.

Some guests may want to sample mock tails that are drinks served without alcohol. An Apello is served in a Highball glass by mixing together 4 cl orange juice with 3 cl grapefruit juice and 1 cl apple juice. It makes a refreshing drink when served with crushed ice and segments of any one of the fruits are introduced in the drink or as a wedge on the glass.

Before you attend a party, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with some funny alcohol quotes as you can be the life of the party by coming up with some witty sayings. Many people appreciate this type of humor and may add one or two that they have up their sleeve! You can be one of them when you look up funny alcohol quotes and learn to say them at the right moment. Be cool and deliver the quote with style to ensure that you have the attention of most of the people in the room. This may be the start of a session where other people join in to quote some of their famous adages.

It has been proved that liquor releases some endorphins in the brain which make people feel light headed and relaxed as they feel good. Studies are continuously conducted on this “feel good” factor that has helped many people to cope with stress in their lives or help them through a difficult period. Spend time browsing online and look for websites that offer more information on different types of cocktails and other party drinks that will help people to let their hair down for a few hours and forget the rest of the world. You will also enjoy the “feel good” factor when you know that your guests are having a great time. Make sure that you plan ahead and do not run short of any type of liquor or ingredient as this could prove to be a dampener.

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